Michael Bisping Questions Conor McGregors Preparation For UFC 246

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British fight legend Michael Bisping has questioned Conor McGregors preparation for UFC 246. The Irishman will return to the octagon on Jan 18 to face Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone. By all accounts the 31-year-old fighter is in peak condition and looking better than ever according to UFC doctors. However, the now retired former middleweight champion Bisping has taken issue with one particular part of McGregors camp. His coaches have openly admitted he is effectively running training, as he knows more than anybody about fighting. Whilst that may be true, Bisping has taken issue with this, discussing why on the Believe You Me Podcast, he said.

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“That one there at the end could be potentially dangerous. I’m not saying it is. As I just said McGregor’s under pressure, McGregor’s training hard. He’s doing everything he can to win this fight. But as we just said money changes everything and now his coaches are saying he knows more about MMA than everybody put together so therefore we’re allowing him to run the show. Which I don’t doubt is true. I don’t doubt that it’s true.”

The UFC commentator went on to speak about his own career and the importance of having coaches to lead you in the right direction.

“That was one of my issues, I’m not talking about Jason Parillo, but a lot of coaches over the years when they would train and coach me to do stuff and they’ve never had a fight in their life,” Bisping continued. “It’s like, ‘well hold on a minute. I know a little bit about fighting, okay? I’ve been doing this my entire life.’ But still, you need coaches because you need someone to push you. You need someone to say, ‘hey I know you wanna work on your striking today, you wanna work on that. But what you need to focus on is this. What you need to focus on is getting out of bed at 6 o’clock in the morning going for a run. What you need to focus on is your diet.’ You need people looking in from the outside to say what you need.” (Transcribed by BJPENN.com)

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Do you agree that Conor McGregor running his own camp could backfire?