Michael Bisping blasts Nate Diaz amid arrest warrant issued: ‘He’s almost 40 years old’

Nate Diaz

Michael Bisping has shared his thoughts on Nate Diaz’s night of debauchery in The Big Easy last weekend.

Nate Diaz made multiple headlines on Friday night while attending the DAZN Misfits 006 boxing event in New Orleans. Kicking his night off by chucking a water bottle at reality TV star Chase DeMoor inside the venue, the Stockton Samurai engaged in an all-out brawl once outside. Video clips of the scuffle have been circulating on social media with one in particular grabbing the most attention. During the skirmish, Diaz was caught on camera choking out a known Logan Paul look-a-like named Rodney Petersen.

On Monday, the New Orleans Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Nate Diaz. Police spokesperson Karen Boudrie confirmed to ESPN that the former UFC star had been charged with second-degree battery for his role in the Bourbon Street brawl.

Responding to the headlines was former UFC middleweight champion turned color commentator, Michael Bisping. Taking to his YouTube channel, ‘The Count’ suggested that Diaz could face severe consequences for his actions, including a potential lawsuit from the man he rendered unconscious.

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“They come after your money. They come after your paper. They come after your hard-earned cash,” Bisping said. “Listen, Nate Diaz has had a tremendous career and earned a lot of money. Those two fights with Conor McGregor, they would have been gigantic paydays and of course, going up against Jake Paul, this has all the makings of yet another one certainly with the 50/50 split that he has now because obviously, he’s co-promoting that fight, but the hilarity and the pre-fight hype doesn’t end there because let’s be honest, this is pre-fight hype.

Bisping believes that Diaz’s string of attention-getting activities as of late is nothing more than an effort to drum up attention for his August 5 showdown with social media star Jake Paul.

“Nate Diaz is the talk of the town once again,” Bisping continued. “Alright, granted for the wrong reasons, but when you’re a fighter, is it really the wrong reason? As a man, as a human being. As somebody trying to get through life, you want to deal with as little drama, trouble… Controversy as possible, but I guess if you’re a fight star, it is a little bit different. I certainly felt that shift as well when I was a fighter.”

Michael Bisping Doesn’t Want to See Nate Diaz Continue to Put Himself in Dangerous Situations

Continuing to address the incident involving Nate Diaz, Michael Bisping put on his parenting hat, warning the Ultimate Fighter alumnus about the dangers of jumping into a street fight in today’s gun-toting society.

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“He’s almost 40 years old. Got to be careful because one day that could catch up with you. Remember, a lot of people are carrying guns these days. He could have been stabbed. The guy could have cracked his head as he went down. Fortunately, none of that happened and he’s not even gonna sue him. That would be the number one thing I’d worry about.”

Despite the negative attention and the arrest warrant to boot, ‘The Count’ believes that there’s no such thing as bad press, particularly in the fight game where millions of dollars lie in wait for the man willing to generate the most controversy. Even so, it may be time for Nate Diaz to start acting his age before he squares up to the wrong person.

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“There’s no such thing as bad press. Nate Diaz is the talk of the town, but at his age, I think now he should stop doing that. I mean, everywhere he goes there’s altercations. Again, I’m not talking sh*t. He’s an enigmatic charismatic figure. He’s got ridiculously wild passionate fans and rightfully so. The man is a true fighter. Incredible at what he brings to the table. I’m very intrigued to this fight with Jake Paul.”