Michael Bisping, Darren Till Condemn ‘Coward’ Bullies In Sickening Video, Offer Support To Victim

Michael Bisping

A slew of professional mixed martial artists, including former UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping, and middleweight contender, Darren Till have condemned footage of a group of teenagers bullying a young boy in England, striking him in the face, instructing him to strip naked, before allegedly robbing his belongings.

On Tuesday afternoon, sickening footage of a group of male teenagers bullying a small boy surfaced, where the boy is instructed to stand still with his head raised, so he can be repeatedly punched in the face, and then kicked. The boy, who is left with a bloodied nose, is then instructed by one of the group, who is sporting a snood, to strip naked, before the same teenager asks for the footage to stop being recorded.

Reacting to the difficult to watch footage, former UFC middleweight champion, color-commentator, and Hall of Fame inductee, Michael Bisping, labelled the youths “cowards” as well as encouraged his followers to help secure martial arts training for the victim.

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“We need to name and shame these absolute cowards,” Michael Bisping tweeted. “You should be appalled at yourselves. Also, let’s get this brave young man some martial arts training.”

Till, a native of Liverpool and compatriot of Michael Bisping, also voiced his disgust at the video footage, labelling the group of perpetrators as “horrible pieces of sh*t”.

“Can not believe what I have just watched… speechless… completely and utterly speechless… F*cking dirty horrible pieces of sh*t,” Darren Till tweeted.

Till’s fellow Liverpudlian, UFC lightweight contender, Paddy Pimblett also shared his thoughts on the upsetting footage, labelling them as “dirty bullying bastards”.

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“There dirty bullying bastards need-finding imagine being that much of a piece of sh*t u have to hit a kid half ur size!” Paddy Pimblett tweeted. “F*kin’ disgusting.” 


Prominent mixed martial arts referee, Marc Goddard also reacted to the footage, offering the victim mixed martial arts training free of charge, and urging his followers to attempt to put him in touch with the boy’s parents.

“Can any body put me in touch with this kids parents,” Marc Goddard tweeted. “I’ll get his training sorted FOC (free of charge). His confidence & character will need rebuilding.” 

Goddard then revealed in a later tweet that he had identified the boy’s mother, and had attempted to reach out to her to offer the child support.

“Update on my previous post,” Marc Goddard tweeted. “I believe I have found the little lads mother via IG (Instagram) but can’t communicate via DM (direct message). I’ve sent a message via FB (Facebook), hopefully they get. They’ve probably (hopefully( been inundated with help (rightly so) but any direct contact would be appreciated. Thanks.” 

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Former Cage Warriors champion, James Webb, a trainee at Team KF Martial Arts also voiced his support for the boy, urging police to investigate the incident.

“I hope the little fella is ok, are the police on this? James Webb tweeted. “Hopefully they find & charge them all, even the fool recording.”


Unconfirmed reports have claimed the perpetrators have been arrested by police

Whilst not confirmed at the time of publication, a Twitter user replied to Webb’s tweeted, claiming that the incident had occurred near her place of residence, claiming that the perpetrators had been arrested by police.

Michael Bisping further tweeted regarding the incident, appearing to identity one of the perpetrators.

“Here’s one of them,” Michael Bisping tweeted. “Real tough guy aren’t you Clemmy. Timothy Clemmy from Battersea.”