Michael Bisping Calls Out GSP: ‘He’s A Little B***h’

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With the Michael Bisping Sweepstakes in full swing to determine ‘The Count’s’ next opponent after he shockingly knocked out Luke Rockhold in the main event of June 4’s UFC 199, there is no bigger potential name on that list than longtime former welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre.

Bisping has been angling for a rematch with 45-year-old legend Dan Henderson as his first title defense, but a much bigger prospect arose when “GSP” recently revealed that he would be willing to come out of retirement to fight Bisping now that he has the belt. Never one to miss out on an opportunity of such magnitude, “The Count” has already gotten the trash talk battle with St. Pierre started.

Speaking up during “The Countdown” podcast on SiriusXM (via MMA Fighting), the always brash and confident Brit had some extremely harsh criticism for St. Pierre, deeming him a “little b—-h” for leaving the sport behind amidst performance-enhancing drug concerns:

“I have nothing against Georges St-Pierre apart from the fact that he retired from the sport and was like, ‘No, I can’t do it because people are taking performance enhancing drugs.’ Well guess what, they were and they’re getting caught. But if you’re a man, if you’re a fighter, if you’re not a little bitch, you’ll still continue to take those chances and try to beat those people.

“You won’t run away to the shadows and disappear because you think you can’t compete. I’m not the coward. I’m not the coward that needs to takes steroids to compete with these guys. And I would have thought that Georges St-Pierre was man enough also to have the same attitude.”


The callout may seem a bit harsh, as it’s certainly hard to criticize an all-time great former champion who owns the record for most consecutive title defenses at his weight class, especially when you’re angling to face the No. 13-ranked contender who has auspiciously lost six of his last nine bouts.

Bisping has also backed it up by fighting – and losing to – several top fighters who have been linked to TRT and other PEDs throughout his 10-year UFC career. In fact, his ascent to a title shot was hampered by competitors associated with steroids in his losses to Henderson, Vitor Belfort, and Chael Sonnen, all which arguably stopped his run to a title shot.

And they may have kept him that way if not for Chris Weidman getting forced out of his UFC 199 rematch with Rockhold, opening the door for Bisping to shock the world in his only UFC title fight. Now the world is his oyster, so to say, and Bisping obviously is going to take full advantage. The MMA world is calling him out, and he’s basking in that rarified glow, with a potential fight against the arguable G.O.A.T. looming.


Bisping knows where the money is, and he understandably doesn’t think it lies with the elite-level talent populating the top of the middleweight ranks right now. “The Count” wants a big payday, so he not surprisingly called out St. Pierre for a fight after he finishes his long-standing feud with “Hendo”:

“Just for the record, I will call GSP out. I’ve got somebody in mind for my next fight and when that’s taken care of, if GSP’s man enough and he wants to step on the dotted line and fight, I will happily fight Georges St-Pierre.”