Max Holloway Gives Cryptic Update On Recent Health Scare

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There have been precious little updates about Max Holloway after “Blessed” pulled out of his UFC 226 co-main event against Brian Ortega.

One of the most impressive fighters in all of 2017, the Hawaiian featherweight champion has seen 2018 bring a concerning series of withdrawals from high-profile fights from “Blessed.”

First, he was forced out of his title fight with Frankie Edgar due to a foot injury, attempted to fill in for the injured Tony Ferguson in the main event of April’s UFC 223 only to be declared unfit to cut weight, and was finally put on the sidelines for an indefinite time for exhibiting concerning concussion symptoms during UFC 226 fight week.

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Dana White has insisted the UFC will put Holloway through every test he needs to get better, and that appears to be a work in progress. Holloway posted a small update of his ongoing recovery on social media, noting that he was on the mainland United States to get more tests:

While his fans will be glad to know he’s getting the tests he needs, it’s not exactly concrete as to what was provided, with no confirmation of what he’s actually suffering from or what his path to recovery will include.

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These things take time, of course, but after Holloway was subject to so many injuries during a jaw-dropping first seven months of 2018, including the most concerning that affected his latest fight, Holloway’s future in fighting is uncertain for the time being at best and ominous at worst.

We’re wishing “Blessed” a quick road to recovery, and hope that maybe moving up a weight class as he’s discussed would work wonders for him as it has so many other UFC fighters.