Alexander Volkanovski Dethrones Max Holloway – UFC 245 Results

Volkanovski Holloway

In the co-main event of UFC 245, Max Holloway puts his featherweight title up for grabs against Alexander Volkanovski.

Round 1:

Holloway with a nice jab that connects, and Volkanovski responds with some le kicks. Volkanovski with a good pair of shots inside the pocket before Holloway separates. Another left hook lands for Volkanovski. Volkanovski with a right hand that lands. More big hooks land for Volkanovski inside the pocket and Holloway lands a jab going back.

Holloway lands a leg kick as he continues to press forward. Volkanovski lands another pair of hooks as he comes inside. Volkanovski comes in hard for a takedown attempt against the cage but Holloway defends nicely. Holloway separates and circles out. The round comes to an end.

Round 2:

Volkanovski with another leg kick to start the round. Another leg kick from Volkanvoski and Holloway stumbles a bit. Nice combinations from Volkanovski now, and he’s sprinkling in leg kicks to continue the damage on Holloway’s lead leg. Volkanovski is really liking the leg attack, and Holloway isn’t doing much of anything to defend it.

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Now Holloway putting things together inside the pocket but Volkanovski lands a big lead hook blasting forward. Holloway with a nice combination off a Volkanovski kick attempt. A nice 1-2 down the pipe from Holloway. The round comes to an end.

Round 3:

Holloway seems to be turning up the volume early on. A front kick to the body lands for Volkanovski. Volkanovski blitzes forward for another lead hook. Another lead hook from Volkanovski off a Holloway uppercut. A very nice right-hand lands for Volkanovski. Another right-hand lands for Volkanovski. Volkanovski now finding a home for his hooks inside the pocket.

A left hand from Volkanovski and he follows up with a kick to the body. Both en turning up the volume now and Volkanovski isn’t letting up, landing nicely inside the pocket but eating a knee from Holloway. Volkanovski lands a hook and Holloway misses on a spinning kick to the body. The round comes to an end.

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Round 4:

Volkanovski mixes in the leg kicks and hooks nicely. Another big hook from Volkanovski lands and Holloway just misses on a low kick. Holloway keeps Volkanovski at bay with a jab before defending a takedown attempt. Holloway now lands a very nice combination backing up. “Blessed” vamping it up now, coming forward with big shots. A right-hand sneaks in for Volkanovski as he blitzes forward.

Holloway lands a nice uppercut after Volkanovski dives forward again. Leg kick and hook combination lands for Volkanovski. Holloway sneaks in a big body shot. More body work from Holloway and now they’re putting together big bombs in the middle of the cage. Holloway is really investing in the body attack now, and Volkanovski seems to have slowed down just a step.

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Round 5:

Holloway continues his body attack entering the final round. More leg kicks from Volkanovski. A very nice combination lands for Volkanovski. A big hook for Volkanvoski but Holloway responds with a big body shot. Holloway turns it up but a leg hick and overhand from Volkanovski stops the blitz. A big kick to the body lands for Holloway. More impressive hooks connect for Volkanovski.

Volkanovski clinches up and is looking for a takedown on Holloway against the cage. A big elbow lands for Volkanovski inside and Holloway fires back with a big hook. Now both men are throwing bombs in the pocket, a feint from Volkanovski leads to a takedown attempt but Holloway defends. A nice pair of jabs connect for Volkanovski. Another clinch up from Volkanovski to end the round.

Official Result: Alexander Volkanovski def. Max Holloway via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 50-45)