Mark Hunt talks Dana White, problems with the UFC , and UFC 160 fight with Junior Dos Santos

Mark Hunt is becoming a household name within the MMA community. Last week, in Saitama, Japan, Hunt delivered an inspired performance against Stefan Struve. Since then the Internet and social media have been buzzing with appeals to give ‘The Super Samoan’ the fight against Junior dos Santos

JDS was left without an opponent after his original opponent, Alistair Overeem, withdrew with an injury. It was confirmed over the weekend that Junior dos Santos will face Hunt, at UFC 160.

Hunt appeared today on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani to discuss his upcoming bout, his relationship with the UFC, Dana White and more.

“For me it is about getting these opportunities. Very rarely do they come up, so you’ve just got to take them………I’m a straight up person, I tell the truth. Its true that I don’t turn down fights, unless I’m injured, I never have. It is a part of my make up, like I said, these opportunities don’t come up very often. You have to grab them while you can.”

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When quizzed on his relationship with the UFC, Hunt had this to say;

“I felt disrespected by the UFC, but, (Dana White) he is the boss. He listened to what I had to complain about, I told him I had a problem and he fixed the problem. I’m really happy with that, he fixed the discrepancies I had. I was always down with the fight.”

Hunt went on to talk about his upcoming bout with Junior dos Santos;

“As a fighter this is the second time around for me. I won the K-1 world titles, I lost interest in fighting and then MMA came. This is my opportunity to be around the best in the world, and Junior was the best in the world. He was the champion before he lost to Cain. I’m so amped, so pumped about it.”

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‘The Super Samoan’ then spoke about his recent scrap with Stefan Struve, as well as breaking Struve’s jaw;

“He is a strong kid, he will come back strong. That’s just the price you have to pay, it could have been me. That’s just the way it is. I knew I’d got him and I knew it was over, because that was a hefty shot. I knew I’d got him. I’m glad Herb stopped it because it would have been worse for him (Struve). It would have been more than one break , so I’m glad it was stopped.”

“A lot of people don’t know, but I’ve been doing the ground game for 8 or 9 years. I’m not a technician, but I’m not as easy to beat on the ground as people think I am. If (Junior) wants to take it to the ground, then fine. I want to stand and bang, to test his mettle. He was the best fighter in the world, and I consider myself the best fighter in the world. I class my striking highly and so does he. We’ll see what happens when the fight comes.”

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So UFC 160 is set to be the scene of a stand up war, according to Hunt. This will truly be a tough test for both men, one which will invariably change the future of the UFC‘s heavyweight elite.