Pride FC veteran and former interim UFC title challenger Mark Hunt will return to action this weekend, as he takes on Stipe Miocic in the main event of UFC Fight Night 65. Adelaide, Australia is pretty much home turf for the New Zealand born 41-year old.

He’ll hope to get back on track after his UFC 180 loss to interim boss Fabricio Werdum, where he lost by TKO to the Brazilian ‘Vai Cavalo’. Talking to MMAKanvas, ‘The Super Samoan’ discusses the fight with Werdum:

Fabricio was getting his a** handed to him, I’ve never lost a rematch, ever,” he said “Even in kickboxing, I’ve always won the rematch, and I’m not gonna lost another one to him ,that’s for sure.”  

A rematch with Werdum would depend on a few things, firstly the result of Hunt’s bout with Miocic, and secondly on whether Cain Velasquez keeps his belt against ‘Vai Cavalo’. There are a number of possible outcomes, but Hunt himself is picking Velasquez to win at UFC 188:

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“I’m leaning towards Cain Velasquez,” he explained. Fabricio is a great fighter, one of the best in the world, so who knows? It’s mixed marital arts and anything can happen, but I am picking Cain.”  

Moving on, ‘The Super Samoan’ discussed drug testing in modern MMA, a controversial subject that has smeared the forefront of the sport in recent times:

I’ve got no problem with it.They can (test) me any time they like. All I’m running on is hard workIf you’re cheating you’re gonna get caught, and if you’re caught then everything you’ve ever done is a waste,”

“My next fight could be my last fight,” he said. “I feel like I’m getting better as a fighter and I’ve got all the experience in the world, but it’s not up to me to decide when it’s time to go. When god says ‘it’s time for you to leave, boy,’ I’ll be happy to move on to the next part of my life.”  

Say what you like about Mark Hunt, the guy is a straight shooter and tells it how it is. In closing he makes a prediction for this Saturday’s heavyweight collision:

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“If it’s not the first, then it’ll be the second, and it’ll be a knockout.”

Hunt’s career has been described as a feel-good story, but that story could end swiftly if he loses badly on the weekend. Do you think the veteran Hunt can take out Miocic, or will the Croatian end one of the most followed fighting careers in the sport?

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