Veteran heavyweight fighter Mark Hunt says he has appealed his previously thrown out lawsuit against the UFC.

In a LowKickMMA exclusive interview, Hunt shared the state of his lawsuits against the UFC. Regarding the first case being dismissed the former UFC Heavyweight believes something must have gone on behind the scenes.

“The first one we got hometowned, it was thrown out cause in Las Vegas those pricks f****ng pay them all off or some shit you know. But the same thing with Ken Shamrock he had an open and shut case and his case got thrown out so they got hometowned which means I don’t know what happened, they just got cheated so you know. And I had to go to an appeal, I’ve gone to an appeal now.”

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Continuing further Hunt shared what had unfolded during this process.

“I went to settlement hearing and the only thing they told me was get the f**k out of here we’re gonna drop the lawsuit or we’re gonna come after you for the, whatever it is they’re gonna owe $1,000,000 or something US. So it was like, you just told me to get the f**k out of here and oh yeah, that’s fine just launch the appeal let’s do it so you know, round two not too far away to hear what they’ve got to say about this and I think this is going to go to a trial maybe you know, that’s what I’d like to go to a trial, and that’s probably like next week or something we hear about that. So you know hopefully this goes to trial and I’d like to see what else there f*****s are hiding in their cupboards. All these skeletons that have made all their money and cash from ripping everyone off”.

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Hunt also shared information about a second lawsuit he is a part of against the UFC.

“That’s just one of my lawsuits, I’m with the antitrust lawsuit which is the other one so that’s probably going to be another year or so but um, we’re fighting to bring the Ali act in”.

The Ali Act was a U.S. federal law brought in to halt all forms of abuse such as exploitation, rigged bouts and unfair mismatches against boxers by promoters.

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Currently, no such act stands in place in MMA, which is something the lawsuit aims to change.

You can see the full interview with Mark Hunt at the link below.