Lyoto Machida Won’t Let Sport Pass Him By While Sidelined

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Lyoto Machida won’t let his current situation with the UFC allow the sport to evolve past him.

‘The Dragon’ was recently flagged by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) after admitting to taking supplements with 7-keto-DHEA. Now the former light heavyweight champ is being suspended for 18 months as a result.

Machida recently joined ex-UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub on The Fighter And The Kid podcast’s ‘Big Brown Breakdown’ edition (quotes courtesy of Bloody Elbow), and stated that he continues to evolve with the sport despite being unable to compete inside the Octagon against today’s elite competition:

“It’s very hard because the sport evolves so fast, changes so fast,” Machida said. “So, you have to be there to see the changes that are happening in the moment. That’s why I keep training everyday, I try to mix myself in all of the academies. I try to go to Kings MMA with Master Rafael Cordeiro, do some sparring over there, train over there with a bunch of fighters from the UFC and Bellator.”

“I’m very happy to have this opportunity to fight in October (when the suspension lapses). I think at the end of the day, it’s gonna be good for me.”

UFC98 Evansvs.Machida 11.LyotoMachidavs.RashadEvans crop northThe only fight Machida believes is the best option upon his return is a bout with 185-pound champion Michael Bisping. Other than that ‘The Dragon’ is reluctant to follow the masses and call out a big name as a ploy to get more money:

“It’s not my style,” Machida said. “I’m not gonna change my principles, I’m not gonna change anything just to make money. I’ll stay like (how) Lyoto Machida always was and do my stuff, do a great fight, and try to do some fights through my technique. I don’t want to change my style.”

Who would you like to see Machida throw down with upon his return? You can check out his interview with Schaub on ‘The Big Brown Breakdown’ here:

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