Luana Pinheiro Takes DQ Win Over Randa Markos After Illegal Upkick Lands – UFC Vegas 25 Highlights


Luana Pinheiro has her first win under the UFC’s banner, in the form of an opening round disqualification ruling against division veteran, Randa Markos after she was struck with an illegal upkick.

In an exciting couple of exchanges in the opening round, the Brazilian landed an unintentional eye poke against Markos, which seemed to open a cut on her right eyelid. After consulting the Octagon-side physician, Markos was cleared to continue, however, she appeared to be quite cautious about returning to action as he began blinking and wiping the blood from her eye.

Scoring a judo throw on a now uber-aggressive Markos, Pinheiro landed the Iraqi born veteran on her head. Moving to her back near the centre of the Octagon, Markos threw an illegal upkick, catching Pinheiro in her face, knocking her back and eventually to the canvas.

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With referee, Mark Smith calling a halt to the action, Pinheiro, who appeared to be effected significantly by the shot, asked if she had lost the fight as she lay on her back. Waving the fight off as a result, Octagon announcer, Joe Martinez confirmed the Brazilian had taken a disqualification victory.

Below, catch the highlights from Pinheiro’s disqualification victory.