LowKick.com Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum Community Predictions

Well if you guys have read these before then you obviously know I’ve been a wrestling fan, so here’s some more proof:


This weekend we get the second straight week of two top ten killers going at it in a heavyweight, main event fight. Only this time it’s guys who are the best grappler, and striker, currently competing in the hw division of mixed martial arts. Overeem is currently riding a tidal wave of momentum. He holds belts in three promotions, and two different sports. While not always going up against the best competition “the reem” has been nothing short of destructive against the fighters unfortunate enough to share the ring/cage with him. In Werdum, he faces a guy who has won the last two ADCC submission wrestling competitions, not to mention the first guy to give Fedor Emelianenko (the greatest heavyweight of all time) a legitimate loss in mma. Both guys have skill in the other mans expertise, but whoever forces their game the best in this scrap will most likely leave with the W.

The rest of the card rounds out quite nicely. Although Gina Carano was forced off the card just a week ago, we will arguably get a better fight in KJ Noons vs. Jorge Masvidal. Daniel Cormier and Jeff Monson square off in a battle that resembles two Bradleys going at it. “The Gravedigger” (bad ass nickname) will try to outlast big brother Valentijn Overeem. And Josh Barnett vs. Brett Rogers completes the slate as the other quarterfinal bout of the night. Finishes will not be lacking (I said that last week, so knock on wood. Literally, do it).

On to the picks!

Alistair Overeem vs. Fabricio Werdum

HunterB – Expect Overeem to come out strong, he has been known to Gas out in the later minutes of MMA fights. I see Werdum able to weather the first round storm, but he will get caught in the second. Overeem TKO 2

thealex – I see Werdum surviving the onslaught of the Reem’s striking, but executing his takedowns, and earning a decision. Werdum by Decision

dray12 – This is a classic striker vs grappler match-up, and usually in this scenario you look to who has the better secondary skills. That is irrelevant because IMO until Overeem faces a big, strong and athletic wrestler, he is going to dictate where the fight goes, and essentially bully his oppenent into a quick finish. Overeem TKO 1

David Saucier – Im going to go with The Reem on this on he is bigger, stronger, and poses more skills, than Werdum. I don’t think Werdum’s previous win will have any effect in this HW fight. Overeem TKO 2

doomsdayapex –  Back in 2006 at PRIDE: Total Elimination Absolute, both these men met and fought in a two round war with Werdum coming out victorious via Kimura. Now five years later, both men once more meet again in similar fashion. Who takes the win this time around? Well, since making the move to heavyweight, ‘The Demolition Man’ has been almost unstoppable. The evolution of his overall game is something to marvel at. I foresee Overeem being too fast and too strong for Werdum to handle. Alistair will back Fabricio into a corner immediately and start with the knees to the body in the clinch. At this point, a wounded Werdum will try to defend the knees but will fall victim to a barrage of hooks and uppercuts. Once Fabricio returns his attention back to his skull, Overeem will deliver an Uberknee directly to the temple. Werdum falls on his back and Alistair pursues. The fight is stopped moments later after a small dosage of malicious ground-and-pound. Overeem TKO 1

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edub – I gotta be honest I feel bad for Werdum here. He takes out the best HW fighter in mma’s short history, and he never really gets to enjoy it. He had a year off, but never got to capitalize on the momentum because of injuries. Ubereem won’t help him out either. Overeem TKO 1

Josh Barnett vs. Brett Rogers

HunterB – Barnett is a great fighter, and really does belong in the top 10, his PED abuse and lack of recent competition has been his falling out of the top tiers. Doesn’t mean he has lost it… i expect Barnett to out grapple Rogers, maybe even submitting him along the way.  Barnett by Decision

thealex – I see The Grim getting to the mount and punishing Barnett, who has not faced the competition that Rogers has recently, by exposing the babyface’s chin.  Rogers TKO 1

dray12 – Barnett is simply too skilled and experienced for Rogers. Brett has big power and can end the fight at any instant, but I expect Josh to take this to the floor, gain a dominant position and pound out or submit The Grim.  Barnett TKO 2

David Saucier – Here we have a very experienced vet fighting someone with far less experience who is coming off 2 losses. Although Rogers has very heavy hands I expect Barnett with his experience to get the win. Barnett Submission 2

doomsdayapex – With Barnett riding a win streak and being the more experienced and well-rounded fighter out of the two, this is a no-brainer. Although Rogers possesses one-punch knockout power, Brett is a one-dimensional fighter who is over his head. My prediction? Pain. Josh will come out cautiously in the opening bell and pick his shots. He will out-strike Brett, and once Brett becomes frustrated he will try to let his hands go. Barnett will effortlessly evade the combo and takedown Rogers. Josh goes for a few submissions but Brett’s strength pays dividends. He avoids the submissions from being locked in and survives several bad positions, but spends his entire gas tank in doing so. He manages to get a second opportunity and moves onto the next round. At the start of the second round, Josh pushes Rogers up against the fence and gets the takedown in a matter of seconds. Barnett then gets Rogers’ back and sinks in the Rear-Naked Choke. Barnett Submission 2

edub – Flip flopping here; on one hand you have a guy who has more experience, and should be more well-rounded. The other you have a guy who has big power, and already has one huge upset in his career. I see the time off for Barnett terrorizing his skills, and him coming in over confident. Quoting pro-wrestlers is one thing, giving a display of it days before you fight is another.  Rogers TKO 2

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Jeff Monson vs. Daniel Cormier

HunterB – Cormier is easily the hottest MMA prospect out there, he is relatively unknown to the casual fans. I see him out grappling and maintaining top control the majority of the fight. Cormier by Decision 

thealex – Like most of his previous opponents, i don’t see Monson getting out of the first against the AKA product who is a talented grappler, as is Monson, but i think Monson’s age will catch up to him in this fight, and Daniel Cormier will take advantage of that.  Cormier Submission 1

dray12 – Conditioning will play a large part in this fight. I expect it to be a closely fought battle, with Cormier taking the first 2 rounds but Monson showing life in the third. Cormier will be too big, strong and well prepared to give up a bad position and fall into a submission IMO. Cormier by Decision.

David Saucier – Similar case experience wise to Barnett, and Rogers, but I expect the young buck to take this one with wrestling, and control.  Cormier by Decision

doomsdayapex – A much more difficult bout to predict considering Monson is a veteran of the sport (fought some of the world’s best) and is quite skilled with wrestling and submission grappling, and Cormier is a new comer who is also talented in the wrestling department… However, ‘The Snow Man’ is approaching 41 and his speed is drastically declining which probably means he won’t be able to defend Daniel’s takedowns in all three rounds. Cormier will impose his will and keep Monson grounded. Submissions will be attempted but Cormier will not be able to submit Monson nor will Monson be able to submit Cormier from the bottom. This fight will go the distance. Cormier by Decision.

edub – Better wrestling, better cardio, better striking. Younger, more athletic, and already again, already a better striker. I don’t think he’ll finish Jeff, but look for Daniel to dominate. Cormier by Decision

Valentijn Overeem vs. Chad Griggs

HunterB – Valentijn comes out like a bull in every one of his fights. Chad Griggs is one of the most under appreciated HWs in the “Big Leagues”. Look for Griggs to get hit with some big shots, and some close exchanges, only to come out on top in the end.  Griggs TKO 3

thealex –  I see Overeem perhaps getting in some powerful shots at different moments in the fight, but will be absorbed by the toughness of the “Gravedigger”. I see Griggs putting pressure on Overeem that will be too much for him, and will give Chad Griggs his 3rd consecutive win. Griggs TKO 3

dray12 – Toughest fight for me to call. With a good training camp behind him, Big Reem is a dangerous man for anyone. I expect Reem2 to try and take Griggs down and test his submission defense, which I have not seen tested. However, It’s hard to bet against Griggs, this guy is tough as nails and finds ways to outlast his opponents and get wins. Think I’m gonna flip a coin on this one. Even though I can see Griggs being subbed, I’ll go with Griggs TKO 2.

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David Saucier – I am excited for this fight I have become a Griggs fan, and learned never to doubt the “chops” Valentijn is a career journeymen with an almost .500 record. I’m going with the power of the chops. Griggs TKO 3

doomsdayapex – Valentijn’s career has been filled with ups and downs — he is a veteran of over 40 bouts with a winning percentage just barely above .500 (with most of his career being spent in Europe and Asia), yet records don’t hold too much value, at least in this case. I believe the older Overeem is the better striker and grappler than Griggs. Most of this fight will be uneventful but I see Valentijn getting the better of Chad in the stand up, which then results in Griggs being dropped and his neck getting cranked. V. Overeem Submission 1

edub – Griggs is a grinder. He’s not great at anything, unless you count absorbing damage. Overeem will land some big shots, and maybe even get a takedown. But he likes to lose to opponents he is better than sometimes, and I think that’s what he’ll do here. Griggs TKO 2

KJ Noons vs. Jorge Masvidal

HunterB – KJ Noons is honestly better than Masvidal in every aspect of this fight, this is a no brainer… the only thing is that Masvidal is tough enough to take the beating Noons is going to deliver. KJ Noons by Decision

dray12 – After watching Miami Hustle and seeing Masivadal eat brownies with ice cream for breakfast before training, I would naturally lead towards Noons. However, Masivadal has shown in his last couple of fights that he is disciplined enough in the cage to stick to a smart and effective gameplan. I expect the former street fighter to use his reach to keep Noons at bay while mixing in the occasional takedown to secure each round. Masivadal by decision

David Saucier –  I’m going to keep this short KJ is looking to make a statement and get that title shot.  Noons TKO 2  

doomsdayapex – A very interesting match-up (Street Brawler vs. Proficient Striker). Masvidal holds a few notable wins, and his skill set is far from a stereotypical street fighter but I sense that Noons’ striking is a notch above Jorge’s. KJ is experienced in Pro-Boxing, Pro-Kickboxing and MMA, and his skills range from Kenpo Karate, Muay Thai, Sanshou to Boxing. ‘King Karl’ will overwhelm and pick apart Masvidal with his superior striking all the way to a dominant decision victory. Noons by Decision

edub – Honestly I was ready to claim this as a walkover for Noons. The better striking, and hips that looked amazing against Diaz. Then I remembered how he looked against Conor Heun (no disrespect to Heun intended). I think Masvidal can mix in some takedowns to throw off KJ’s boxing. Masvidal by decision.

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