Video – Logan Paul, Dillon Danis come face to face inside glass cage in final meeting before boxing fight

logan paul

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis make final face-off ahead of their anticipated boxing match tomorrow night. 

Many predicted Danis would not show up to face Paul for their upcoming fight, but with just 24 hours left, it appears that the fight is on. The build-up has been ugly, the pair have done their best to anger one another with the usual boundaries being ignored. 

Danis has targeted Paul’s fiancé, Nina Agdal, and her previous relationships with several other public figures such as Leonardo DiCaprio. Agdal has even sued Danis for some of the photos that he has posted. 

Paul on the other hand has made several attacks on Danis’ family and his relationship with his alleged children.

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Every time the pair have come into close proximity of one another, it has ended in some sort of shoving match or the need for security to intervene. Yesterday was no different, after a press conference Paul threw a bottle prime at Danis to which the BJJ black belt responded by throwing a microphone at Paul.

Paul would be struck in the face and in one angle of the shot, clearly shook the American before opening a gash along his eye. 

Logan Paul Dillon Danis come face-to-face

This time, the pair would come face-to-face it would need to be at other sides of a container in which they could not get to each other.

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Paul would wear a balaclava to hide the cut that was produced after yesterday’s altercation.

Paul would also bring out one of Danis’ long standing rival back from his BJJ days, Gordon Ryan. This is one of several cameos that Paul has set up, including bringing out Chris Hansen and a bouncer that Danis had a physical altercation with some years back.

Who wins tomorrow, Logan Paul or Dillon Danis?