Following his eight round exhibition boxing match with former multi-division champion, Floyd Mayweather last night in Miami Gardens, Florida — Logan Paul has claimed that the first-edition Charizard Pokemon card he donned around his neck on a necklace during his ring walk is now worth one million following his showdown with the Michigan native.

Paul, who headlined the three-fight boxing event in the Sunshine State, fought through all eight rounds against veteran former professional world champion, Mayweather, with an official winner of the exhibition bout not revealed as per the pre-fight ruleset.

Making the ring walk first ahead of Mayweather, Paul was flocked by members of his entourage and his corner team, donning a pair of white boxing boots, and yellow shorts with black trim. During the broadcast, which was initially mistaken as an official pass that signified Paul could enter the venue, the Ohio native actually wore what appears to be a first-edition Charizard Pokemon card enclosed in a glass case and linked through a necklace. Paul had purchased the playing card last year for an estimated $150,000. 

Appearing at the post-fight press conference following his eight round showdown with former champion, Mayweather, Paul explained what the necklace contained when asked by a reporter, before estimating the card will now be worth one million following his matchup with Mayweather.

This is, this is a Pokemon card,” Paul said. “It’s a BGS 10, Charizard — first-edition, Charizard. It’s one of three in the world, it is my prized possession. Ever since I got this graded to 10, the momentum in my life has been crazy, this is my good luck charm this is my prized possession.

Estimated value?” Paul continued. “I mean, now, sh*t this is a million dollar card, baby. This is the card that I walked out to with the Floyd Mayweather fight this is a million dollar card. Get a close-up.” 

Prior to his outing with Mayweather, Paul took to his Twitter reflecting on his journey to the boxing ring against the 45-year-old, claiming that he would look into the mirror each morning and night and repeat, “I will be the biggest entertainer in the world“. 

In 2015, I moved to Los Angeles,” Paul tweeted. “Every morning & every night, I’d look myself in the mirror and repeat 10 times, I will be the biggest entertainer in the world. I had no idea HOW or WHEN it would happen, but after 6 years of manifestation, it’s happening. Life is a wild ride.

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