Legendary? Comparing UFC 200 To UFC 100

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Alves vs. GSP

Georges St. Pierre – Thiago Alves vs. Jose Aldo – Frankie Edgar II

Serving as the co-main event under Lesnar and Mir was a welterweight showdown between former long-time champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre and Brazilian slugger Thiago “Pitbull” Alves.

On the contrary, an interim featherweight title rematch between ex-champion Jose Aldo and former lightweight boss Frankie Edgar will co-headline UFC 200 under Cormier and Jones.


Just as Cormier and Jones can’t compare to Lesnar in terms of star power, Aldo and Edgar simply are light years away from the draw that St. Pierre was, and still would be if he ever decides to return.

Now in terms of the fights themselves, I personally feel as if Aldo-Edgar II is a more compelling fight than St. Pierre-Alves was, but the pairing of Lesnar and “Rush” is something that UFC 200 doesn’t possess.

In fact, one could argue that McGregor and former bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey are today’s equivalent of 2009’s Lesnar and St. Pierre combination, yet neither of them are on the card.