The Irish Bellator star-in-the-making Leah McCourt has shared some disturbing messages she’s received from fans. The disturbing individuals seem to be attempting to solicit the young fighter, and now, she’s shining a light on the dirty perversions and twisted fantasies.

McCourt is a young prospect, and at only 30, she’s just now entering her MMA prime. The young Irish fighter is 4-1 in her last five fights and 6-1 total in her Bellator career. It’s safe to say she’s on a clear upwards trajectory, and it’s undoubtedly wise she addresses the weird solicitations now and lets it be known such attempts will never be well-received.

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Leah McCourt speaks on sick messages from perverted fans

Leah McCourt would open up about the disturbing messages by joining the Whiskey and White podcast. Fully explaining the depth of the weird requests she receives.

“I get loads of messages saying, ‘Can I pay you, can I send you money on my PayPal?” McCourt began. “There are literally just hundreds and hundreds of weirdos. Then some of them send videos but, I’ve never opened any of them.”

The Irish lass would continue to break down the sick mental state of some of her fans, admitting that many of them probably aren’t right in their heads.

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“There are so many mental people. You start to realize how many people are off their heads. Look at this one, he wants to send me money.’ I’ll even buy photos of your dirty socks goddess. I’ll buy feet pics right now. Can I be your pay-pig?”

Sadly, that wasn’t even it. Leah McCourt would continue to list off more sickening examples: “‘I’ll buy your used socks. You should make me a wishlist for Piggy to buy you things.’… Use me like a human ATM. Put payment amount and I’ll send it goddess.’”

Obviously, this isn’t the way to McCourt’s heart, and it’s a dismal view of human society at its core. For every healthy and helpful individual, there could be a hundred more that are sick and twisted. It’s a reminder to never let your guard down in this world, and thankfully for Leah McCourt, she does have a litany of deadly skills to defend herself with, if the need ever arises.

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What are your thoughts on the disturbing messages that Leah McCourt has received?

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