Laura Sanko denies rumor she’s enamored with UFC star Shavkat Rakhmonov: ‘I don’t have a crush on the man’

Laura Sanko

Laura Sanko is setting the record straight regarding her alleged crush on UFC welterweight contender Shavkat Rakhmonov.

Earlier this year, a video of Sanko praising ‘Nomad’ for his impeccable work inside the Octagon went viral. Fans quickly began suggesting that the former fighter-turned-commentator was crushing all over the Kazakh. Rakhmonov even acknowledged the video during a UFC media event while speaking through a translator. “As a man, you always like when a woman adores you,” ‘Nomad’ responded when asked for his thoughts on Sanko’s comments.

Additional fuel was added to the fire during the official UFC 285 weigh-ins when Laura Sanko sported a traditional Kazakh hat, just as Rakhmonov does before and after his fights. Gently stroking the tail of the headpiece, speculation turned to full-blown allegations that Sanko was crushing hard on the undefeated fighter.

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Laura Sanko Gained 20,000 Followers After Praising Shavkat Rakhmonov in Viral Video

As Laura Sanko was covering the UFC 287 weigh-ins last weekend, middleweight fighter Gerald Meerschaert offered to score Shavkat Rakhmonov’s phone number for her. The comment prompted Sanko to address the allegations that she had an infatuation with the Kazakh.

“Can we address this? I don’t have a crush on the man,” Sanko revealed. “I like his fighting style. An entire country thinks I do and I need to correct the record. I’m still a fan, I just don’t have a crush. The entire country of Kazakhstan is very excited about it because I got like 20,000 new followers. I have a husband.

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In a sport surrounded by bitter rivalry and cringeworthy trash talk, fans were excited to jump on a storyline surrounded by admiration and affection. Fans had to push the narrative a bit, but Laura Sanko’s near-euphoric look while stroking her ‘Shavkat hat’ was all the additional ammo they needed. In reality, Sanko is a happily-married woman and a consummate professional who felt it was best to squash the rumors before they escalated any further.