Khabib Responds To Nate Diaz: We Smashed Your Team Punk

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Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has responded to Nate Diaz’ claims of slapping him in the face.

The Dagestani fired back at Diaz after the Stockton bad boy claimed to have slapped Khabib in the face in front of his entire team. Diaz also claimed that neither Khabib or anyone in his entourage did anything to oppose him.

After his UFC 229 victory over Conor McGregor, Khabib posted a video of himself on social media. The video was of him submitting McGregor. The champ kindly reminded the Irishman that he would always have to live with the ‘shame’ of his loss.

“You will live with this shame all your life, bi… #tapmachine #mactaper”

As it turns out, Nate Diaz is the one who responded to Khabib’s tweet. He took this opportunity to remind the Dagestani how he slapped him across his face while his team stood by and watched.

“I slapped you in your head you and your team didn’t do sh*t … Live with that ur all pu**es”

As you can probably imagine, Khabib has a slightly different recollection of events that night. For starters, “The Eagle” claims Diaz ran away and hid behind security. Khabib also claims that his team ‘smashed’ the Stockton crew and he has video evidence to prove it:

“You was hiding behind security and ran away coward, it’s clear on the video. We just smashed your team that night you punk”

Diaz wasn’t done, as he fired back claiming Khabib knew what happened so he would have to deal with it:

“Be real You know what happened live with it”


This beef seems to be taking off rather quickly on social media and for good reason. The two have history not only in their outside-the-cage brawl but their shared rivalry with McGregor. Diaz almost came back to the cage after more than two years away to clash with Dustin Poirier at last November’s UFC 230.

He may be angling for a much bigger fight now. The clear choice for the next contender is Tony Ferguson. Yet Khabib’s manager recently claimed Ferguson didn’t sell enough tickets to fight the champ next. Diaz would arguably fit the bill, and many would favor ‘The Eagle’ to win hands down.

A rematch with McGregor is always available for the champ as well. First, we have to find out when Nurmagomedov can return at his NSAC hearing January 29.