UFC Fight Night 112 took place this past weekend (June 25, 2017) live on FOX Sports 1 from Oklahoma City, and the event certainly had its strange moments.

The main event featured an intriguing lightweight bout between rising contenders Kevin Lee and Michael Chiesa. Lee ended up winning the bout via rear-naked-choke submission in the first round, but the stoppage has since been plagued by controversy, as many feel as if referee Mario Yamasaki stopped the fight too early.

Lee was content with the stoppage, although he seemed to be more concerned with the fact that Justine Kish had pooped inside the Octagon earlier in the night:

“I’m telling you right now I had no idea,” he told TMZ Sports. “I was in a car riding on the way back to the hotel and somebody said ‘Yo, how did that girl poop herself?’ I was like ‘What?’ There should have been a disclaimer or something! And actually when I got back to the hotel I asked Felice about it because I seen her, and she said that she smelt it and she thought it was a fart.”

“I’m telling you right here, right now, that I’m so glad Mario stopped my fight because if [Chiesa] would have s**t himself, I would have tapped. I would have stopped the fight myself.”

As far as what’s next for Lee, the “Motown Phenom” said that he would welcome an ‘easy money’ rematch with Chiesa, although he has more interest in fighting a top contender like Khabib Nurmagomedov:

“I will just for the easy money, but it will wake me up a bit more to fight one of these big names,” he said. “Names like Khabib Nurmagomedov, specifically.”

Who would you like to see Lee fight next?