Justin Gaethje Goes In On ‘Irish F*ck’ Conor McGregor Again

Conor McGregor
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Justin Gaethje is not done going after Conor McGregor. Earlier this week, he had tweeted the following:

“You’re a tool. You have lost everything already. You are a sh*t human, father, and husband. F*ck you.”

Now, after open workouts at UFC Vancouver, Gaethje doubled down on his comments towards the Irishman.

“I will never stray from the truth,” Justin Gaethje said (via BJPENN.com). “That’s the truth. There’s nothing else to it. It had nothing to do with fighting, nothing to do with wanting to get a fight. He wants to write some bulls**t? Facts are facts!

You cannot represent yourself in the public eye like that and expect your child to respect what you do. You are an influence. You are a hero to your children and you are a fool if you don’t think they are going to follow in your footsteps.

There is no question Gaethje does not like McGregor. Yet, if he wins this fight against Donald Cerrone, he wants to fight for the title. But, if the Irishman wants to return, Gaethje wants that fight.

“I’ll take the winner of Khabib and Tony and if that guy, that little Irish f**k wants to come back then I’m right here, man. I’m the perfect guy to bring him back,” he said.

The two were reportedly close to fighting in July, according to McGregor. However, Justin Gaethje never knew anything about it and believes it was all just talk.

“He’s the only one that knew about that,” Gaethje said. “I didn’t know. I’m ready to fight. After I’ve seen him punch an old guy… I’ve got a human services major. I wanted to do social work. Being here is just a circumstance of my life. I’ve worked since I was 4 and I wanted to try fighting. I won 25 fights in a row and I was fighting Eddie Alvarez on a pay-per-view.

“I wanted to be a social worker and to see him treat people like that, to see him… even before he took someone’s phone and smashed it on the ground, to see him walking around with his chest in the air, you do not represent yourself like that. I will never respect you.”

What do you make of Justin Gaethje’s comments towards Conor McGregor?