Josh Koscheck Thinks Dana White Is ‘Just An Errand B*tch For The Fertittas’

josh koscheck

While it wasn’t designed for long time UFC vet Josh Koscheck to go on a losing streak to get out of his UFC contract, he did make it out free of the UFC and sign with their rival, Bellator MMA.

“That was my plan for quite some time: to get rid of my UFC contract,” Kos told Bleacher Report. “Even if I never fought again, I wanted out of my UFC contract.”

Following his freedom from UFC President Dana White‘s business ethics, Koscheck reflected on how White runs the biggest MMA promotion in the world with his wild rants on Twitter and cutting down anyone who is against him. White might be a suit now, but that Boston boxer still likes to throw jabs even if it is by his mouth and not his fists, which is something that the former The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) competitor doesn’t like.

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“How can you respect a guy that runs a company and goes on Twitter rants, who calls people all the names that he calls people? I think it’s childish. He’s supposed to be the president of a major company, a billion dollar company, and that’s how he acts? You don’t see Roger Goodell doing things like that.”

He then compared his former boss to his current boss in Bellator MMA President Scott Coker.

“And you won’t see Scott Coker going on Twitter and telling people they look goofy or fat. Or, ‘we got that many years out of you, thanks for your money.’ Come on. It’s embarrassing. I don’t want to work for a guy like that.”

“This is just my opinion, but I think Dana is just the front boy for the Fertittas. He’s their little errand b—h. They’re losing fans every day because of the things he does.”

Koscheck sees a movement coming in the sport of MMA for the fighters. According to the former welterweight championship contender, fighters from the UFC will be signing to Bellator in the years to come.

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“At some points, hopefully, they all become free agents and they negotiate with Bellator. In my opinion, I think every fighter needs to step up, fight their fights out and negotiate. Because they’re never going to know their market value until they put themselves on the market.”