Jose Aldo: I Can Guarantee I’m Going To Win

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As UFC 189, which goes down on July 11, 2015, approaches, the hype around the blockbuster title fight between long-time featherweight king Jose Aldo and the outspoken Irish challenger “The Notorious” Conor McGregor is booming.

The media events are also in full swing as the UFC 189 media tour started recently with a heated press conference and stare down last week in Aldo’s home of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Today (March 24, 2015), the champion continued his media obligations, sitting down with members of the press, and he had many interesting things to say.

Some may say McGregor has gotten to where he is based on his talk and how he promotes his fights. Although he is 5-0 in the UFC, his trash talk is relentless and definitely entertaining towards the fans. However, for Aldo the promotion is normal. Despite this being the biggest fight of his life, the Brazilian mentioned that the pressure is nothing, he’s going in there to do his job:

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“It’s normal. I’m here to promote the fight. When I’m inside the cage, nobody will take anything away from me. I focus on the fight, not on what people say. Pressure is nothing. It’s part of the job. I fight in there. There is where I have to prove everything. In there, I will be concentrated to do my job.”

Recently saying he would run through the hype train known as McGregor, the champion even compared the Irishmen to one of his past opponents: Cub Swanson. Aldo claims that Swanson talked trash during fight week and got finished very quickly, and the same is in store for the “Notorious” one:

“Cub Swanson was the first to talk a lot on fight week in the WEC, and I got there and ran through him,” said Aldo, who finished Swanson in eight seconds. “It’s going to be the same thing with this one.”

There have been many trash talkers throughout the history of the UFC, fighters who aim to get in their opponents head. McGregor may be one of these men, but the champion reverts to his strong mind as the reason for brushing off everything McGregor says. Aldo even went as far to say that he’s in the “Notorious” one’s head:

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“I was never upset (with everything McGregor said). I just laughed at it. It’s tough to get me pissed off. My mind is my strongest weapon. It’s hard to get into my mind. I don’t worry about it. Face-offs mean nothing. I’m in his head and he knows what’s coming.

Seeming very confident, the champion continued on saying that he’s already figured McGregor out. He also stated that although he doesn’t usually say how he’s going to win, he can guarantee that he will have the belt strapped around his waist after the fight just as he will before:

“He asked me to look into his eyes and I did. I saw how he is. I’ve studied him, I know all his movements. I already know what to do in there. I usually don’t say how I’m going to win, but I can guarantee you I’m going to win.”

Check out the full scrum below, courtesy of MMAJunkie:

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Due to the anticipation for the fight, the UFC has also been releasing special Embedded episodes, chronicling the media tour. Check out the latest episode below where both men try on their flashy suits and meet their body doubles for a photo shoot:

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