It wasn’t that long ago when Jose Aldo was attempting to get out of his UFC deal, and was saying he had no more interest in fighting. But, as Aldo gets set to throw hands with Max Holloway on Saturday, the featherweight champ’s outlined some pretty interesting plans for the future.

After the UFC announced that Conor McGregor was going to challenge Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight belt last November, Aldo said he was done with the promotion. Aldo laid claim to the interim 145 title last summer, by defeating Frankie Edgar, and was eager to face McGregor again. But, as it became clear that the renowned fighter didn’t have a lot of options, due to his contract with the UFC, Aldo resumed talks for his next bout.

Well, in advance of his scrap this weekend with the now interim champ Holloway, Aldo was asked about his plans for the future (while taking to MMA Junkie).  Not only did Aldo say he wants to stay busy after UFC 212, the 30 year-old wants to battle other stars at other weight classes.

“…I want to test myself in new divisions. I want to test myself against new challenges, new athletes, do superfights. The UFC is opening up that side now. Before, I’d tried to move up to lightweight and couldn’t. It didn’t work out. But not now.

“I just negotiated two fights. The opponents (lightweight contenders Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov) didn’t take them, but I know it’s a lot closer. I have to keep that going. I have to stay motivated. I have to win the fight, and this way I know I can make these challenges.”

And in terms of superfights, Aldo also had this to say:

“I want to do superfights. I don’t necessarily want to challenge the champion. I want to do fights that allow me to stay active. A champion needs big opponents, bigger promotion processes – and that gets in the way of a champion who wants to fight more times in an year.

So, chances are these comments are going to raise more than a few eyebrows around the game. Historically, Aldo hasn’t been an active fighter, although, much of that has had to do with injuries. But, if Aldo can get by Holloway, then it will be really interesting to see what comes next for the legend.

Since the UFC is struggling this year to book all-star bouts, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if they looked at having Aldo fight a big name before 2017 is out.

Who would you like to see Aldo fight next? Provided he defeats Holloway?