Jorge Masvidal and Yoel Romero were apparently ready to fly into Cleveland, Ohio, after seeing Jake Paul and his team disrespecting Tyron Woodley’s mother.

On Thursday, at the pre-fight press conference for Paul vs. Woodley, things got ugly when a scuffle broke out between both teams. Some of Paul’s team are believed to have made disrespectful comments towards Woodley’s mother, Deborah, prompting the former UFC welterweight champion’s sister to confront them. A brawl almost broke out as Woodley looked to defend his family, lots of pushing took place and lots of unpleasant words were exchanged before the fracas came to an end.

During an interview with The Mac Life, Woodley’s manager, Malki Kawa, revealed that several of the other fighters on his roster were ready to fly in to defend momma Woodley’s honor.

“Listen, Andre Arlovski, Yoel Romero, half my roster was ready to fly in here after that,” Kawa said. “I was like, ‘you guys should stay home, it’s not necessary.’ But Masvidal was ready, Masvidal was coming because that’s their teammate, that’s their boy. They’ve trained together, they’ve done a lot of things together, a lot of time spent together. I represent both of them, so, we are like a little family ourselves too. So, for anyone to try anybody’s mom, I think other people look and say ‘if that was my mom, what would I want everybody else to do?’ Right? So, I appreciated every single one of them. I got text messages and calls from everybody ready to fly in and just be there for momma Woodley and stuff. But I’m like, ‘bro you guys don’t understand.

“Let me tell you something, momma Woodley is the real G in all of this,” Kawa added. “I don’t think you understand momma Woodley had to defuse the situation. She was not rattled at all. I’m telling you. If momma Woodley snaps her fingers bro, I’m telling you, it’s a problem. So, let’s leave it alone. At the end of the day, it’s just a fight. It is what it is. That moment in time escalated, we deescalated it. It is what it is right now. We just wanna get to the fight, get this fight over, and then hopefully get to another one.”

Do you think Jorge Masvidal and Yoel Romero should’ve flown in to be at the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight week?

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