Jorge Masvidal Responds To Nick Diaz Seemingly Challenging Him

Jorge Masvidal
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Jorge Masvidal has finally given a clear response to Nick Diaz’s recent comments.

Diaz sat down with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani to talk about several different topics. One of which was Jorge Masvidal besting his younger brother, Nate, in the UFC 244 main event. Prior to the fight, Masvidal repeatedly said he was going to “baptize” Nate – his own way of predicting a knockout.

Nick didn’t take too kindly to these comments, and had some fighting words for “Gamebred.”

“You want to talk about baptizing my younger brother? That’s on you,” Diaz said in a pre-recorded interview on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show on Monday.

“I never had anything disrespectful to say. But you don’t talk about baptizing my younger brother so you’re already in a f*cked position if you fight with me.

“You don’t talk about baptizing someone’s younger brother. That’s my baby brother. You don’t talk about that to nobody. You want to say that, do that? You want to walk? That’s on you.”

Although Masvidal’s management responded with a humorous cartoon, Masvidal himself reacted to Nick’s comments today (Tues. November 12, 2019) during an appearance on “The Dan Le Batard Show.” Masvidal seemed confused as to whether or not Diaz was asking for a fight. (H/T MMA Fighting)

“Is he asking to fight?” Masvidal said. “I was confused or are we going for a walk some place? He’s asking for a fight? He’s asking for a fight or to go for a walk? Does he know who he’s asking for a fight? Cause I love to fight, especially when I get a little something on top of that.”

What do you think about a possible fight between Masvidal and Nick Diaz?


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