Jorge Masvidal was not happy after a video surfaced showing a man being sucker-punched and left unconscious while leaving a Make America Great Again march. Yesterday, thousands of Donald Trump supporters gathered in Washington DC to support his claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Joe Biden won the 3 November election. He currently has 306 votes in the electoral college – the system the US uses to choose its president – which far exceeds the 270 threshold to win. Trump has so far refused to concede. The sitting president has launched several legal challenges in key states and made claims of electoral fraud that have so far been unsubstantiated.

The march was believed to have been largely peaceful but did have several violent skirmishes between Trump supporters and counter-protesters – one particular skirmish was caught on camera.

In the video, a man can see walking away from a heated debate with “BLM rioters” who proceed to strike him in the back of the head knocking him unconscious. More people attempt to attack the man while he is lying motionless on the floor before fellow Trump supporters prevent him from suffering any more damage.

The BMF champion has been a very vocal and visible supporter of Trump throughout the election process. Masvidal has even supported the president’s claims of electoral fraud on social media. He was understandably very unhappy to see a fellow Trump supporter viciously attacked and suggested he and some fighter friends will begin attending events to “keep the peace”.

“I bet I can get a couple of teammates and start attending these things #supernecessary. And I say this not to promote violence. To keep the peace. We are all in this together #theressurection

Do you think Jorge Masvidal could help keep the peace at MAGA marches?

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