Jorge Masvidal Doesn’t Believe In Paddy Pimblett Hype: “I Don’t See Him Being A World Champion”

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal recently went on the Impaulsive podcast where he shared his thoughts on Paddy Pimblett. 

‘Gamebred’ knows what it’s like to have a prominent rise and respects the star power of Pimblett. However, he doesn’t believe he has the qualities to contend for a world championship at the moment. 

Pimblett, a former Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion, is undefeated in his run in the UFC up to this point, although it hasn’t gone as smoothly as some may have foreseen. Early trouble against Luigi Vendramini and Kazula Vargas drew a lot of skepticism from critics, including the former Welterweight title contender Masvidal. 

“I think he is entertaining as f***. I think he’s wild. But from the skillset right now I don’t see him being a world champion. But that could change, you know, right. But his skill set right now, I don’t think it’s at the top, where it should be, you know.” (via Sportskeeda).

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Jorge Masvidal Weighs In On Paddy Pimblett vs. Logan Paul 

Masvidal also spoke with Impaulsive host, Logan Paul, about a possible matchup against Paddy Pimblett in the UFC. The Youtuber has been vocal about wanting a fight inside of the octagon against ‘The Baddy’ and when asked, ‘Gamebred’ said he likes his chances. 

“Yeah, F*** yeah. He’s got the wrestling bro. English People can’t wrestle bro. It would have to be up a weight class…[Pimblett] probably walks around 170, 175.” 

Pimblett may not be qualified at the moment but he has plenty of room for growth at just 27 years old. With the UFC set to return to the UK later this year, there is hope we will get to see ‘The Baddy’ in his third UFC fight before the year’s end. 

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Do you agree with Jorge Masvidal’s comments on Paddy Pimblett?