Jorge Masvidal blasts ‘Trash’ Chael Sonnen over lackluster boxing fight against Anderson Silva

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Jorge Masvidal was not impressed with Chael Sonnen and his boxing performance against Anderson Silva.

Masvidal and Sonnen have taken shots at one another as of late, as Sonnen has expressed interest in a potential boxing match against Masvidal. Sonnen is coming off his boxing debut where he went all five rounds against Anderson Silva.

Despite Chael Sonnen going the distance with Anderson Silva, Jorge Masvidal was not impressed and is open to fighting him down the line.


“The fight wasn’t the best, obviously,” Masvidal told MMA Mania. “Chael’s f—king trash, bro. I know I’m supposed to try and sell this fight and be like, ‘Yo, yeah, it’s gonna be a great fight. Bro, Chael was f—king trash. This motherf—ker’s trash. Like when you leave the trash can open and the water gets in there and it’s liquid trash-water, that f—kin’ smells like s—t and there’s nothing you can do with it, that’s what Chael is.

“That being said, I would not mind driving my knuckles through his face for a nice paycheck, breaking his eye orbital. Just doing everybody a f—king favor because nobody really likes that dude,” Masvidal added. “I wouldn’t mind crushing that dude and his empire. I’m not coming for a f—king exhibition match.”

Before that fight can happen, however, Masvidal is set to box Nate Diaz on July 6 in Anaheim, California.

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Jorge Masvidal vs. Diaz

Jorge Masvidal wants to ‘bust up’ Chael Sonnen

After all the back-and-forth between Jorge Masvidal and Chael Sonnen, ‘Gamebred’ is hoping it will lead to a fight between the two.

Masvidal says he plans on knocking out Diaz and then making the fight with Sonnen so he can shut him up afterward.

Jorge Masvidal

“After I knock out Nate, if I have some downtime this year, yeah, I wouldn’t mind busting up f—king Chael bad, bro,” Masvidal said. “It would probably be at super heavyweight because he don’t want to cut weight.”

A fight between Masvidal and Sonnen would be massive and filled with trash-talk which will only add to the anticipation of the bout.

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