Chael Sonnen ready to fight ‘Overrated’ Jorge Masvidal in a boxing match

Chael Sonnen Jorge Masvidal

After fighting to a draw with Anderson Silva this weekend, Chael Sonnen is not planning on slowing down now as he looks to usher in the next phase of his combat sports career.

After the battle, Sonnen wasted no time before cutting a sinister promo on the mic during the post-fight media scrum. Blasting Jorge Masvidal for his foolish business practices and claiming he couldn’t remember the last time Masvidal won a fight.

Chael Sonnen vs. Silva 3

Chael Sonnen Speaks on Looming Jorge Masvidal Fight

“This whole thing was just part of the process,” Chael Sonnen began, speaking on the Anderson Silva fight (H/T MMA Fighting). “I’m boxing Jorge Masvidal. I got called out for that fight, I have agreed to that fight, this was all part of the training process, and I learned some stuff tonight. Anderson, when he gets going, he tricked me a number of times, and I do not like to get tricked in there. I like to see that stuff coming. But, I mean, he would move one way and hit you with the other, he’d show you the right hand and then hit you with the left. He was very tricky and he was very fast.

“I only say that because the guy is the better part of 50. If he is tricking me to the point that he can get some of those hands on me, I’m going to have to respect Jorge Masvidal a little bit more than I wanted to.”

Despite already being booked for a fight against Nate Diaz, Masvidal and Sonnen have publically traded insults a few times now.

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“Masvidal’s a little bit overrated, in all fairness, within his own mind,” Chael Sonnen said. “I can’t remember the last time that he won a fight. He gave me a threat, he said, ‘I won’t even use my right hand. I’ll put that in the contract.’ I’m like, ‘OK, stupid, put that in the contract. I didn’t ask for that, but go ahead and put that in there.’ Then he talks about, ‘I’m going to pay you $10 million.’ Well, I didn’t ask for $10 million, but again, stupid, put that in the contract. Just keep talking.

“It just keeps getting worse for Jorge Masvidal. There’s some people you play with, there’s some people you don’t; put me in the category of ‘don’t.’ Do not challenge me unless you want to fight me.”

Jorge Masvidal

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