Jon Jones ‘Won’t Believe The Hype’ Like McGregor & Rousey

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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones is widely considered to be the very best fighter of all-time. In fact, the pound-for-pound king has never surrendered a loss aside from a disqualification in a bout he was clearly winning.

Despite his dominance inside of the cage, however, “Bones” admits that he’s ‘not a guy that wins everyday’, as there are times where his training partners get the better of him:

“There’s a lot of guys who are on my team currently, a lot of guys on my team who aren’t in the UFC who can beat me on any given day. I get taken down all the time in practice. I get hit pretty hard. I get tapped out all the time in practice,” Jones said. “To the fans and other fighters, they probably look at me as close to unbeatable, whereas if you spend time with me, you see that I’m definitely not a guy that wins every day.” Jones said during a recent media scrum.

It’s getting humbled in the gym, however, that has led Jones to be unbeatable on fight night. Continuing on, Jones claimed that he doesn’t dive too far into the hype as some of his fellow UFC stars have:

“I know that I can be beat and I think that’s why I haven’t been beat, where some of these guys really start to believe their hype,” he said. “Ronda Rousey, they were saying she’s the best fighter of all time and best athlete in the world, stuff like that and I was happy for her to hear those types of accolades, but once I realized that maybe she was starting to believe it herself, I knew she was in a dangerous spot. Conor McGregor saying these things about just being the baddest dude and ‘I’ll beat anybody at any weight class,’ that’s foolish stuff. When you believe the hype to that level, that’s when you’re in danger.”

Both McGregor and Rousey, two of the fight game’s biggest names, are coming off devastating losses after receiving insane amounts of media attention. In closing, Jones said that his unbeaten record can be attributed to how serious he takes fighting and how focused he tends to be on the task at hand rather than everything else that comes with being a star:

“I talk about being confident in winning all the time, but the reason why I tend to always win is because at the end of the day I’m more nervous than any other fighter. It causes me to spend every night until 3 o’clock in the morning just on my laptop watching the same damn fight over and over again with a notebook, thinking about the ways I can lose, thinking about what I need to do. That’s really what I attribute to being undefeated for all these years, just how seriously I take it and how I know how much I don’t know.”

Jones is slated to face off with bitter rival Daniel Cormier in hope of recapturing his title in the main event of July 9’s UFC 200 from Las Vegas, Nevada.

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