Jon Jones Sees ‘Good’ In Overturning DQ Loss But Likes Not Being Undefeated

Jon Jones
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Reports came out that UFC president, Dana White was looking to overturn Jon Jones’ only loss, which happened to come via disqualification.

Back in 2009 in his fourth UFC fight, “Bones” was dominating the fight against Matt Hamill on the ground. The ref could have very well stopped the fight, but he didn’t, and the now-champion landed illegal 12-6 elbows and was subsequently DQ’d. 10 years later, the UFC is still trying to get that off his record:

“It was the weakest commission ever in the history of Nevada. And, the referee that reffed that fight shouldn’t have even been in there, and he disqualified Jon, which shouldn’t have happened, either,” White said last week on the Sedano Show. “So hopefully we can get that overturned.”

Now, at UFC 239 media day, Jon Jones was asked if he would like that lone loss from his record to be removed. “Bones” believes it would be a good thing for the Las Vegas-based promotion to market another undefeated champion:

“Look at the history books, man,” Jones said. “It doesn’t lie. If you look at my record, those numbers don’t lie. Honestly, I do see the good in it. I think it’d be great for the organization to market an undefeated champion.”

Although Jones says it’s good for the history books, it’s not something Jones necessarily wants. Rather, the light heavyweight champion likes not being undefeated, as it takes the stress off of him wondering if that loss will ever come:

“Personally, it takes a lot of stress off me to not be this undefeated champion,” Jones said. “But I do see the good in it. Floyd Mayweather. Boxing has Floyd Mayweather. He means a lot to the sport of boxing. I see how my legacy means a lot to the sport, and if Dana wants me to be undefeated, I don’t think too many people would argue with him.”

Do you think Jones’ DQ loss will eventually be overturned?

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