Jon Jones Discusses New Mexico Crash, Life Without Title & More

Even before Jon Jones started probation, he was hula-hoop racing ...
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Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones finally opens up about his crazy 2015, and talks about the night that cost him the title….

It’s been  wild ride throughout the later stages of 2015 for Jon Jones, as his sketchy behaviour, including a failed drug test for cocaine and the infamous New Mexico hit and run, finally caught up to him. Having been unceremoniously stripped of the 205-pound title, Jones is now teasing a comeback date of April 23. at MSG, although nothing has been confirmed.

We’ve seen footage of ‘Bones’ partaking in his court mandated community service work, he’s also been very active in his role of twitter/instagram troll, but there’s not really been a serious interview with Jones since this whole saga began. Until now, as Ariel Helwani of has a walk and talk with the ex-boss.

Quite a candid interview with the man that many believe to be the greatest MMA fighter of all time. Although he’s been subject to very harsh criticism over the recent years, it pays to remember that the young athlete who hit hard times during the peak of his career is not a unique concept in the form of Jon Jones.

Many other sports personalities have fallen from grace when tempted by the life of sin and the spoils of fame, but indeed for the world of MMA, this is the single biggest flub in recent memory. So will he come back stronger? If the recent gym videos are of any indication, he will be physically much stronger. But we all know it’s what’s in the mind that counts.

The better question would be has ‘Bones’ got the willpower to steer clear of the hazardous potholes of drugs and debauchery? Let’s hope so.