Jones Says He’s Out

It looks like Jon Jones is taking a stand.

After going back-and-forth with UFC president Dana White over recent pay allegations, Jones has seemingly had enough. Having already hinted at taking time off from the sport, the light heavyweight champion announced Sunday that he would be vacating his title.

In addition, he announced a light heavyweight title fight between Dominick Reyes and Jan Blachowicz — both of whom were contenders to face him next. He also told the promotion to call him when they’re ready to pay him his worth.

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“ESPN Reyes vs Jan For the UFC light heavyweight championship of the world. As of right now, I got nothing to really gain fighting either of them. Let me know if you guys want to set up a day in 2021 for that Izzy fight. Hopefully you guys will be willing to pay by then.

“Bones out, when you see me in the streets just call me JJ ??

“To the light heavyweight title Veni, vidi, vici”

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When a fan responded that Jones was hurting himself more than anyone with this decision, he felt otherwise.

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“I hurt myself every time I walk out there and take a punch to the head and Not feel my pay is worth it anymore.”

Jones was recently campaigning for a super fight with Francis Ngannou. However, he claims he was shut down by the UFC when he asked for a pay increase before he could even come up with a figure.

White, on the other hand, has claimed Jones did mention a figure and was asking for Deontay Wilder money. Since then, the pair have stated conflicting versions of the truth.

What do you make of Jones’ tweets? Do you think he’s really leaving the sport?

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