Vitor Belfort made a successful return to the octagon last weekend (Sat., November 7, 2015) by stopping Dan Henderson with a head kick for the second straight time in their main event trilogy match at UFC Fight Night 77 from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Following a brutal first round TKO loss to champion Chris Weidman at UFC 187 in May, “The Phenom” looked to be in much better shape in Brazil compared to his otherwise thin frame against “The All-American”.

The popular and controversial knockout artist had famously weaned off of testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT) after it was banned in 2014 (largely because of his battles with it), but the specter of PED use still and most like always will hang over Belfort’s head.

And at least one prominent UFC figure took notice of his supposedly improved physique, as octagon commentator Joe Rogan spoke up on his podcast to voice the opinion that Belfort did look much better against ‘Hendo’ compared to Weidman:

“When you look at Vitor now, he definitely looks better in this fight then he did in the Chris Weidman fight. He looked more built, but he still didn’t look like he did when he was on TRT.”

Rogan went on to speculate that if Belfort truly needed TRT to survive as had previously stated several times, then there may be something that has aided him in recovering to the seemingly elite level he was at in Sao Paulo:

“But the question is, what is he doing now? If he needed testosterone replacement before how has his body recovered like this? Has he figured out some nutritional way to get around it or is he figuring out some undetectable way to use? No one knows. We’re not going to know unless he gets caught.”

We won’t know if Belfort is on another PED or not unless he does get caught, but with the UFC’s increasingly more strict drug testing and athletic commissions’ understandable close watch on “The Phenom,” that could be a lot more likely than it was in years gone by. But many believe Belfort beat the rules then and may be trying to break them now, too. Do you agree with Rogan’s stance, or has Belfort truly cleaned up and found more natural avenues to get back in fighting shape?