UFC lightweight Sage Northcutt has been all the rage since his debut in Texas last weekend (Saturday, October 3, 2015) as he stormed to victory over a helpless Francisco Trevino in under a minute. Already drawing lofty comparisons to Georges St-Pierre, ‘Super’ Sage will no doubt be groomed for greatness in these early stages of his fighting career.

Along with strawweight star Paige VanZant, Northcutt represents the next era of MMA athlete; a pure bred and fan friendly fighter that is both entertaining and very marketable. It’s no surprise that Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub discussed Sage during their recent podcast appearance, but perhaps the context which they talk about him is a little out of the ordinary.

That said, it’s also damn funny, check it out:

Joe Rogan

“It’ll build up. That kid needs an outlet, a body like that needs to f*ck, you just gotta unload that d*ck. That dick has to be exercised like those quads. He’s only 19, he’s going to be so much better in like a month. Look at Michael McDonald when he beat Miguel Torres at just 19, but where’s Michael McDonald now? He was a motherf*cker before the Renan Barao and Urijah Faber fights.”

Brendan Schaub

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“Sooner or later they are going to have to throw these guys to some motherf*ckers. There’s no three year build up, trust me. It’s like Paige (VanZant), she’s a great fighter but she’s only a few fights in, she’s gonna have to face some motherf*ckers soon.”

Aside from the dick/quad comments, Rogan and ‘Big Brown’ raise some interesting points about this new breed of star; what if they start losing? Conor McGregor, purely as an example, what if he loses his next five fights? What of all the endless dollars poured in to his promotion and reportedly record-breaking nine figure contract?

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Make hay while the sun is up, but unlike a day, there’s no telling how long these stars will burn for and it’s really a gamble by the promotion. Bet right and the investment will pay dividends, but there’s also huge potential losses.

“Joanna is a murderer, she is one of the top 5 best strikers in the UFC. Before she gets in to MMA she was a six time Muay Thai champion, like Gennady Golovkin he was an amateur monster, he had hundreds of fights. Would he be such a star now if he had gone pro at 19? With someone like Sage or VanZant, if they get offered a top guy they need to say no. They need to slow down, it’s a jog, not a sprint”

“They need to slowly build these guys up and see how they do, you need to build your fighter up. But what happens in MMA is there’s no long term structure. It’s really hard to get these guys built up in MMA so they come in to the pros and they’re ready. That’s why guys that come from different backgrounds have such success. Ronda Rousey from Judo in Olympics, Johny Hendricks, Dan Cormier, Cain Velasquez and many others from wrestling and Joanna (Jedrzejczyk) from Muay Thai. It’s tough man, I’m not saying it’s the UFC, it’s just the sport.”

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