Jamahal Hill uninterested in UFC fighter pay movement: ‘I’m just building bridges’

jamahal hill

UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jamahal Hill is staying clear of the fighter pay issue.

While the UFC is no doubt flourishing, the issue of fighter pay still looms large, with many believing that much of the UFC roster, from debutant to highly ranked contenders, deserve to be paid more.

Those who have raised have often been left in the UFC’s bad books, leaving those who are still actively pursuing a career in the promotion, and are in need of money, in an awkward position.

Jamahal Hill talks UFC fighter pay issue

Appearing on the Point Forward podcast reining 205lb champion, Hill, expressed that it wasn’t his battle to fight and wanted to maintain good relationships with his employers.

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Yeah, for like right now I just like, I’m just building bridges,” Hill answered. “You know what I’m saying? I ain’t nobody like that. I really like – regardless of anything, regardless of the confidence I have in myself inside the cage, I ain’t nobody like that bro…I’m just another motherf***er, for real…So I don’t go out thinking like – even like the influence, like I’m now realizing all right, like the influence and whatever, things like that, you know? But to me, I’m just me. That’s all I know how to be, that’s all I know. So that’s really all I am.”

Hill feels that regardless of his current status, he as an individual cannot make the deciding factor, instead opting to try and get along with everyone and play it safe.

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So, like I could talk to some people, but I don’t know how much people are really gonna listen. So I don’t – for the most part, as far as the fighters go, I just try to be cool. Get everybody to talk, you know I’m open.

“I’m an open person, so like we can talk about anything. I talk to the fighters about that, I talk to them about bread like that. I think the main thing that needs to happen to a degree for us fighters, like the pay thing and all of that stuff to change. Fighters are gonna have to come together, to a degree.” (H/T MMANews)

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Jamahal Hill discusses UFC fighter pay

Is this fair from Jamahal Hill?