Ticket sales for the upcoming Jake Paul Vs. Nate Diaz fight is off to a good start according to reports.

The combat sports world is just under three months away from another twist to the strange shape the boxing landscape has taken. Influencer turned boxer, Paul will fight UFC legend, Diaz, across either three minute rounds on August 5 in Dallas, Texas.

Although we are still some time away, the star power of both men seems to be to be a recipe for success. According to reports from the Sports Business Journal, the event sold 60% of the tickets in their first week, which includes 90% of the floor and lower-bowl seats.

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The American Airlines Center has a capacity of around 20,000, and although the tickets for this fight are priced higher than some of Paul’s most recent events it has already exceeded bigger gates than other Paul fights.  

There is still VIP floor seats that were still available today on Ticketmaster’s website going for as much as $3,506, while lower-bowl seats priced at $131.50.

Jake Paul Vs. Nate Diaz

While Jake Paul has certainly built his own star, with his last fight against Tommy Fury being a commercial success, it would be unfair to deny that Diaz will also play. Paul skills as a boxer have also made significant advancement, and while he is far off a decent level professional he will also hold a size and youth advantage over the 38-year-old.

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Diaz’s toughness is now something of legend and his boxing had always been one of the strongest parts of his game – along with stories of sparring sessions with one of boxing best fighters of the 2010’s, Andre Ward. However, we are yet to see how Diaz will take to the squared circle, something which MMA fighters have struggled with in the past.

How do you see Nate Diaz Vs. Jake Paul going?

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