Breaking – Jake Paul boxing fight with Mike Tyson postponed amid health scare for heavyweight knockout icon

Jake Paul's boxing fight with Mike Tyson postponed amid recent health scare for former heavyweight champion

Jake Paul’s massive clash with former world heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, slated to take place on July 20. in Arlington, Texas, has officially been postponed to a later date, after a recent health scare for the former ahead of the matchup, set to be broadcast on Netflix.

Earlier this week, speculation was rife regarding Brooklyn veteran, Tyson’s ability to compete in a professional bout with Paul – already booked for July, after a recent medical emergency on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles called the former heavyweight boxing champion’s health into question.

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Jake Paul’s bout with Mike Tyson will be rescheduled later this year

And in an official statement tonight from Most Valuable Promotions, the bout between Paul and Tyson has been postponed beyond July 20. – upon medical advice with the latter experiencing symptoms following an ulcer flare up.

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“The upcoming highly anticipated boxing match between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will unfortunately be postponed,” The statement read. “During a follow up consultation on Thursday with medical professionals on his recent ulcer flare up, the recommendation is for Mike Tyson to do minimal to light training over the next few weeks and then return to full training with no limitations.”

“Both Mike and Jke are in agreement that is it only fair to ensure that both athletes have equal training time to prepare for this important match and are able to compete at the highest level. The health and well-being of athletes is our top priority, and we fully support Mike in taking the necessary time to allow him to perform at the level he expects of himself.”

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“Mike is expected to return to his full training schedule in the coming weeks and is eager to get back in the ring. MVP anticipates rescheduling the match to later this year at the AT&T Stadium, and we look forward to an exciting and well-prepared contest between these two exceptional athletes. The new date of the fight will be announced by next Friday, June 7th.” 

What are your thoughts on Mike Tyson’s recent health scare and condition?