its Do or Die for Kenny "KenFlo" Florian

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Kenny Florian is one of the most well liked, technically sound, and mentally tough fighters in the 155 lb divison. He has notable wins over Joe stevenson, Takanori Gomi, Roger Huerta, Joe lauzon, and Din Thomas. He has fought his way up to the top of the divison twice but fell short both times. Once agianst a very “enhanced” Sean Sherk and another shot agianst the invigorated Bj Penn.

After two very impressive submission victories over Japanese sensation Taknori Gomi, and fan favorite Clay Guida, Florian finds himself very close to yet another title shot. But there is a HUGE problem. LW wrestling juggernaut Grey Maynard. Maynard also has a decent fight history with victories over  Nate Diaz, Roger Huerta, current UFC LW champ Frankie Edgar, and Rich Climente. Maynard is the exact type of fighter that can stop florian from getting his third shot at the title. Maynard has a hard grinding style that can really neutralize the strengths of florian.

But the real questions is if Kenny florian can pull off the W will the MMA world be interested in him getting his third title shot? will people want to see KenFlo give it his all for the UFC gold just one more time? i might be getting a little bit ahead of myself because before any of these questions are answered we must wait and see if Florian can get past a very strong and commited Grey Maynard. with the LW belt also on the line that night, august 28th will tell us everything we need to know about 155 lb title mix.