Israel Adesanya has given his thoughts on Jon Jones following the recent reports of his arrest.

Jones was arrested on Friday, mere hours after his first fight against Alexander Gustafsson was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. He was later charged with battery domestic violence after it was reported that police observed blood on Jones’ fiancé’s face and clothes. He also faces charges for injuring or tampering with a vehicle.

This of course is not the first time Jones has run afoul with the law, and UFC president Dana White said that it’s almost become expected at this point. A number of other notable figures in the MMA community have given their thoughts on Jones, and you can now add the UFC middleweight champion to that list.

Adesanya took to Twitter on Tuesday night to give his thoughts on the Jones arrest. He mocked fans who continuously try to give Jones the benefit of the doubt, and said he believes this isn’t the first time that the newly inducted Hall-of-famer has laid hands on his fiancé.

I’m sure y’all will give him “one more chance” lol. I swear I said he’s gonna fuck up again, he can’t help it. Now here we are. I’ve made mistakes in my time, I learn from them. I don’t think this is the first time this has happened in his house. But yea…posi vibez goiz

Adesanya would then reply to his own posted, writing, “It’s called ‘Stockholm syndrome'”, referring to the phenomena when hostages form emotional bond with their captors.

In a later Tweet, Adesanya would double down on his claims, sharing a screenshot from an Instagram story that berated Jones for his actions.

Jones was released from custody on an $8,000 bond Friday night. He is expected back in court on October 26.

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