Israel Adesanya vows to beat opponents in ‘Fantastic fashion’ for remainder of UFC career

Israel Adesanya vows to beat every fighter in fantastic fashion before UFC career ends

Looking to rebound to the winning circle at UFC 305 next month in a title clash with arch-rival, Dricus du Plessis in Perth, former two-time middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya has vowed to lay waste to each and every one of his opponents in “fantastic fashion” before it’s all said and done.

Adesanya, a former two-time undisputed middlweight champion, is set to headline next month’s pay-per-view return ‘Dowunder’ – attempting to return to Australia in winning form this time around.

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Sidelined since September of last year, City Kickboxing star, Adesanya most recently dropped his middleweight crown for the second time in the space of a calendar year, in the form of a one-sided unanimous decision loss to Sean Strickland.

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Israel Adesanya warns Dricus du Plessis with UFC 305 fight don't be afraid be terrified

Israel Adesanya vows to beat fighters in “fantastic fashion”

And drawing promotional-perfect Pretoria native, du Plessis at UFC 305 next month in a bid to become the first three-time champion in the history of the organization, Adesanya has vowed to beat each and every one of the last foes on his run in eye-catching fashion.


“I fought the largest middleweight, Alex Pereira, and i knocked him out,” Israel Adesanya said on the Sias du Plessis Show. “How am I gonna deal with Dricus’ uniqueness? It’s just be unique myself. Be unique to who I am.”

“Never again will I ever stray away from my style or my flow just because I wanna do something different or pander or anything like that,” Israel Adesanya explained. “I’m always gonna stick to my style and stick to what I do best, which is beating people up in fantastic fashion. And, yeah, I’ve done that my whole career, and I wanna get back to that. I’m not really worried about the outcome. It’s more about the journey.”

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Who wins next month at UFC 305: Dricus du Plessis or Israel Adesanya?