How To Tie A Karate Belt? Explained

How To Tie A Karate Belt

In Karate, knowing how to tie your Karate belt is as important as tying your shoes. Learning how to tie a Karate belt is the very first lesson you learn in the martial art before learning techniques.

Karate instructors are very particular about how your belt looks tied and it must be perfect. This is why we’re going to go over how to properly tie a Karate belt.

We’re going to go over various methods you can use to tie your Karate belt with videos provided below.

Why is learning how to tie a Karate belt important?

The importance of how you present yourself is an important aspect of karate. Almost as important as the techniques you learn.

A properly tied belt is part of this presentation. It’s a sign of respect to your teacher, the school, and yourself. 

The belt is also a symbolization of balance and that you pay attention to small details. You should train your skills to be balanced and perfect just like how your belt is tied.

How should your Karate belt look when tied correctly?

A correctly tied karate belt has a specific look that is balanced. When the belt is wrapped around your waist it overlaps twice and should be even.

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If you fold your belt evenly, you shouldn’t be able to see the bottom layer of belt cloth. Also when you tie your belt, the two flaps should be the same length and the knot is pulled tight.

Tying your Karate belt method #1

The first step to tying your belt is to balance your belt by folding it in front of you. Make sure that the two parts have an even amount of material on each side.

After evenly separating your belt, take the middle part and place it just below your navel. Next, drape your belt around your stomach and cross the two sides around your back.

Then bring the two pieces back to the front of your body. If you want to make sure the parts are even, stretch them out in front of your body. To even them out, pull the shorter side until it’s even with the other side.

Now, cross the sides again in front of your body and pull one side under the flaps. Once you pull it out, you’re going to cross the sides again and make your knot.

Pop your belt and give it a couple tugs to make sure your belt is secure.

Tying your Karate belt method #2

In this second method to tie your Karate belt, you’re going to start stretching it out to your arm length. Hold one end in your belt and stretch it out to your shoulder to get a correct measurement.

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Next, take that piece of the belt that was on your shoulder and place it at the center of your waistline. Hold that piece there and wrap the other part of your belt around your body two times.

When you wrap your belt, it overlaps with the other part until you have two even sides at the front. Once you have to even sides, you’re going to take the top piece and put it under both pieces of the belt.

Now, fold that top piece down to make an X with your other piece and pull it through the loop. Finish the process by snapping your Karate belt tight. 

Tying your Karate belt method #3

This third method for tying your Karate belt begins the same as the first two methods, but ends a little differently. Fold the middle of your belt around your body and bring the two sides to the front.

Take the top part of your belt and fold it over and under the other pieces like normal. This next step is a little different than the usual belt tying methods.

You’re going to take one of the pieces of your belt and open it to make a hole. Then, take your belt piece that is pointed up and put it through the hole.

Doing this makes a loop and you’re going to take the bottom piece and pull it through this loop. Pull it out to make your knot and snap both sides to tighten your belt.

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Tying your Karate belt method #4

The last method of tying your Karate belt is completely different from the other three we shared. This method starts with folding your belt and making it even like the first method.

But this time, you’re going to wrap your belt around your back. Putting the folded end on one side and the two flaps on the other.

Next, take your flaps and feed them through the opening of your fold end at the front of your body. As you pull the ends through the hole, pull the fold to your stomach to tighten it.

Now, you’re going to take the bottom end and fold it up and under your two other pieces. After it comes out, you’re going to cross it on top of your bottom piece to make an X.

Then to finish, pull the top flap through the loop and pull then ends to make it tight. (This video covers methods 2-4 and another way to do methods 1.)

Does it matter how you tie your Karate belt?

No, it is not important how you tie your Karate belt. The important thing is that you look presentable to participate in Karate class. 

When your belt is tied correctly and your Karate Gi is clean, you are showing respect to the art of Karate. Also to your instructor, school, teammates, and yourself.