In our co-main event of UFC 246, Holly Holm and Raquel Pennington will go head-to-head.

Round 1:

Holm catches Pennington with a jab jumping in with a superman punch. Pennington blitzes in and forces Holm to clinch up. They exchange knees but Holm is pretty much just sticking against Pennington. Pennington goes for a takedown to end the round, but can’t get it as time expires.

Round 2:

Pennington trying to move forward now. Holm comes inside with a body shot and clinches Pennington against the cage. Pennington tries to wrestle for dominant position, but each time Holm muscles her way back to it herself. Crowd booing now after an uneventful several minutes. They separate. Holm again clinches up with Pennington. Pennington is getting off some nice knees but Holm remains in dominant position. Pennington gets some nice punches in as the round ends.

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Round 3:

Pennington rips off a very nice 1-2 combination, and Holm responds with a front kick to the body to create some distance. Pennington blitzes in and clinches up Holm herself, but “The Preacher’s Daughter” easily retakes control. They separate. Holm lands a nice left hand. Pennington punches her way inside, gets a takedown, but Holm is right back up to her feet, but has Pennington glued to her against the cage.

Holm gets dominant position and holds it for a while, before the referee separates them. Holm lands some nice counter shots before Pennington clinches with Holm, who pins her against the cage. Holm backs off and eats a hook from Pennington. A nice hook from Pennington ends the round.

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Official Result: Holly Holm def. Raquel Pennington via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

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