GSP Accuses Michael Bisping Of Being Drunk At Presser

Photo by Joe Camporeale for USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bisping might have gotten the trash talk started with an expletive-laced scene at yesterday’s UFC 209 presser, but it was Georges St-Pierre who may have had the last laugh.

The brash “Count” came to the party fashionably late, and started laying in to the legendary welterweight great right away much to the dismay of UFC President Dana White. Bisping made the predictable barbs at St-Pierre’s size and more than three-year layoff, saying he had fought opponents on steroids while “Rush” was ‘scared’ on the sidelines.

In typical cool, calm St-Pierre fashion, however, the former champion brushed it aside and fired back with a quick, effective retort via‘s video of the press event:

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In the clip St-Pierre blasted Bisping and suggested he was imbibing alcohol in Las Vegas, and that’s why he was so fired up:

“I think you should shut up, you’re embarrassing yourself right now. Are you still drunk right now? Are you still drunk, or what? What’s going on? What is going on with him. Your voice is kind of….what is happening with you? My God, are you healthy, are you okay? Is that up here (points to head) Did you get hit too much?”

The first time we’ve seen St-Pierre back in the media for an official UFC event saw a new side of him, as if he relaized he needed to ramp up his own promotion and trash talk, and he kept it up in the faceoff video from MMA Fighting:

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When the two top fighters came face-to-face for the first time, GSP continued brushing off Bisping by saying he smelled booze on him:

“I smell alchohol, man. I smell alcohol.”

The greatest UFC welterweight of all time may just be joking Bisping was drunk in an effort to brush off his normally brash fight hyping, or he may realistically have thought Bisping was partaking in the trappings of Las Vegas before the appearance.

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Either way, the gloves are already off for 2017’s most anticipated UFC fight so far, and it looks like St-Pierre is more than wiling to mix it up in the verbal arena just as much as he is in the octagon. Will he get inside the veteran champ’s head, or could it be the other way around?