Germaine de Randamie believes Herb Dean’s stoppage in her fight with Aspen Ladd was perfectly warranted.

De Randamie defeated Ladd via knockout (see video) in their UFC Sacramento headliner last week. It wasn’t without controversy, though, as many felt it was an early stoppage. “GDR” landed a flush punch that dropped Ladd early on and before she was able to land follow-up strikes, Dean stepped in and ended the fight.

Reliving the fight, the former featherweight champion described what was a perfect punch that led to the finish:

“I stepped a little bit towards the outside on her right side so I could slip her punch and that meant that my hand would land flush on the chin,” de Randamie told MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast. “In dreams and in practice you visualize this. When you visualize your fight, you visualize throwing that hand.

It’s barely ever this perfect when it lands. It landed and I was like, ‘She’s down!’ If you look back at it I hesitated for a minute and then I realized that I better jump on it.”

Ladd was clearly dazed and trying to recover, even though she felt the fight could have gone on. But de Randamie questioned why there was any need to take additional damage, especially when mixed martial artists already take so much head damage during training.

With that in mind, she believes Dean did a good job:

“In my personal opinion, it was a good stoppage,” she explained. “I saw that Herb was watching her, I saw her react a little bit slow to the punch. I believed I was going to finish the fight there and then. So, like I said, there’s no need to take more damage.”

A week on since the fight, do you agree with the stoppage?