Georges St Pierre Breaks Down Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone

Georges St-Pierre

Former two weight UFC champion Georges St Pierre has been talking about Conor McGregor’s upcoming fight with Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone. The 38-year-old believes the fight could go either way. He provided TriStar Gym’s YouTube channel with an epic breakdown of the fight, he said. “If it’s a quick fight it’s going to be McGregor. If it’s a long fight it’s going to be Cerrone.”

“[It] depends if Cerrone comes and tries to grapple because he has a very good ground game, his ground game is very underrated. I’ve trained with him before, he has good takedown. He is very explosive to shoot the takedown. People don’t know that because he doesn’t use it much. He used it against Patrick Cote. If he does that, to weather the first couple minutes of the storm and McGregor’s powerful left hand, I think he can get it.”

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The MMA legend doesn’t go as far as giving an outright prediction, but he seems to lean towards a McGregor win.

“I think if he wrestles in round one, he has a good chance to win. But, if he tries to play a boxing and karate game with McGregor, McGregor will knock him out… It’s hard. The odds are more towards McGregor. Cerrone can pull this off too. It’s at 170, [it’s] Cerrone [advantage] I think. McGregor looks big. I don’t know enough about McGregor. But, from what I’ve seen is he is like a sniper,” Georges St-Pierre added. “When you fight a sniper, you need to move, you need change levels, you need change angles, change [the] distance and I don’t know if Cerrone will do that. He is known to be a slow starter as usual, so if he doesn’t start right away hard with the speed he is going to get caught.” (Transcribed by

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Is Georges St Pierre right to lean towards Conor McGregor against Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone?