Conor McGregor is a master at pushing people’s buttons, but this guy is REALLY pissed at him…. 

UFC interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor doesn’t hold back when on the microphone, as was apparent at the Go Big presser, where ‘The Notorious’ put everyone on blast. He’s been running at the mouth since signing for the UFC in 2013, and no one has yet been spared the scorn of the Irishman’s wit. In talking trash about fellow featherweight Frankie Edgar, McGregor seems to have got under the skin of ‘The Answer’s’ manager Ali Abdelaziz.

Taking to his Instagram, Ali attempted to set the record straight about McGregor’s existece in the UFC, claiming the popular striker has been avoiding the ex-lightweight champion, and is being protected by the promotion’s brass.


ali_abdelaziz00Hey @thenotoriousmmayou big mouthed leprechaun. You said on TUF that Frankie Edgar is weak. The only reason you still haven’t lost in the ufc is because Dana and Lorenzo made a business decision and made sure you haven’t fought frankie yet. Frankie would smash you on his worst day. When Aldo dropped out you know that they gave you chad instead of frankie because frankie is always in shape and would put a hole in your head. They wanted to make more money off of you. After Dec 12 you will be irrelevant. I think you are a smart guy but talking shit about frankie isn’t smart. You might be fighting him soon and the more you talk the more of an ass whooping you will get. I normally don’t talk trash because I respect all fighters but when you talk about my brother your gonna get it. Family sticks together

You can probably assume that Conor McGregor won’t be making Ali Abdelaziz’s Christmas card list this year. So does Frankie Edgar’s manager have a point? Of course like any combat sports promotion there is a certain amount of nurturing for the more promising and valuable prospects, but MMA fans and other fighters really don’t seem to be fans of this tactic.

Add in the fact that McGregor is constantly jeering the rest of the division, as well as the lightweights too, and it seems he’s started to touch a few nerves. Is the UFC well within their right to ‘protect’ McGregor, even at the cost of their integrity, or are people just reading in to the situation too much? Remember that McGregor earned his original title shot at Jose Aldo with a victory over Dennis Siver.

Perhaps Abdelaziz is just angry that it’s not his fighter set for a bout with Jose Aldo at UFC 194, what do you think? With Edgar set to face Chad Mendes at the Ultimate Fighter 22 finals, and McGregor-Aldo headlining the biggest pay-per-view card this quarter, the facts pretty much speak for themselves.