Frankie Edgar & His Coach Go Nuts When Asked About Conor McGregor

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UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor is once again lined up with Nate Diaz, again at welterweight, in the UFC 200 main event. The repercussions of this move by ‘The Notorious’ and the UFC mean that the 145-pound title has been placed on the back burner. With McGregor locked in a rivalry that has the wheels to go in to a trilogy if he wins the rematch, the top of the featherweight class is a talent stacked dragon currently missing it’s head.

For that reason we learned that former champion Jose Aldo and ex-lightweight boss Frankie Edgar would tie them up, also at UFC 200, for the interim belt at featherweight. Dana White then dropped the bombshell news that their rematch would not even make the co-main event slot. {watch this space for GSP news}. With Edgar having been at the top of the line of contenders for some time now and being thrown under the bus by the promotion on numerous occasions, it’s no surprise ‘The Answer’ is coming across as quite bitter in recent interviews.

Frankie Edgar

Edgar’s coach Mark Henry is the first interview we’ll look at today, as he recently told¬†, yes that’s actually a site, that McGregor is little more than a spoilt 5 year old:

“It’s like a parent, you know, some are more lenient than others. It’s like a 5-year-old kid who wants to keep going on the ride at the park. Some parents let them keep going for another ride, and some say ‘Listen son, it’s time to go home’.

But you know Conor, he keeps whining and crying and he gets his way, no matter how bizarre things may seem. It’s ridiculous.¬†I’m not upset with the UFC, it’s a great organisation, they’ve always treated Frankie well, but I wish they’d do it a little different.”

A. McGregor 1

“I’m not one to really look on Instagram or whatnot, but I looked on the comments on the picture Dana White posted of Conor, and you can see there about 80-90% of the people are upset. I think it’s the most I’ve ever seen people upset about one of the decisions the UFC made, because it’s just so blatant.

My question is, my biggest question is, why are you so afraid? Why do you have to clutch onto this 45 pound belt to grim death? Like if you’re as great as you say you are, go fight Nate, go fight Dos Anjos, when you want to come back down I’m sure the UFC will let you snap your fingers and fight for the title, so why do you need to hold this title so bad?”

It’s certainly been frustrating for many mixed martial arts fans to learn that McGregor will remain at 170 pounds for now, but no one is more upset than Frankie Edgar. After defeating the top competition in dominant fashion in the featherweight division, he’s just about had enough of the Conor McGregor show…


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