Frank Shamrock reveals reason for bitter battle with UFC boss Dana White: ‘He’s a piece of crap’

Frank Shamrock reveals reason for bitter spat with UFC boss Dana White he's a piece of crap

Frank Shamrock and Dana White have taken shots at one another, as the two no longer see eye-to-eye.

When the Ferttitas and White bought the UFC, Shamrock revealed they hired him to help consult them. The goal was to get the UFC back-regulated and be a prominent sport. However, Shamrock says he disagreed with what White and Fertitta wanted to do, which is why he didn’t fight for the promotion again and left his consulting role.

“It’s just personal. When the Fertitta’s bought the UFC, they hired me to consult them… I never did business with them because I didn’t believe in their marketing plan. Because I didn’t join them, I became an adversary. I did K1 instead of the UFC, I did a deal with so-and-so instead of the UFC, when asked I spoke to the truth, marketing plans sucked, and they lost $20 million right out of the gate… No one even knew we had rules or we put this regulation in. The minute I didn’t join the team, I was on the other team,” Frank Shamrock said on the Jaxxon Podcast.

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As Shamrock says, he never ended up fighting again in the UFC despite being the light heavyweight champion. Shamrock ended up competing for Strikeforce and Elite XC as well as K1.

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Frank Shamrock calls Dana White a piece of crap

When asked if Frank Shamrock has any interest in rebuilding his relationship with Dana White, the former UFC champ said he has no interest in that.

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“No, he’s a piece of crap. I have no interest, he’s not in my life. It’s the other reason why I’m not in the sport, he’s the figurehead of the sport and I don’t want anything to do with him or by proxy this sport,” Shamrock said.

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With Shamrock and White not seeing eye-to-eye, the former champ is not in the UFC Hall of Fame and likely will never be.