Frank Mir, who is a two-time UFC heavyweight champion, found himself on a four-fight losing streak before winning his last two fights and is fresh off a first-round knockout of Todd Duffee. Now, Mir is seeking a new opponent.

According to his manager, Ricky Lundell, Mir has two names in mind. Either Ben Rothwell or Mark Hunt.

“I think Ben Rothwell would be a phenomenal fight,” Lundell to Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of the MMA Hour. “He’s inside the top 10 right now.”

“He’s looking for a higher ranked opponent or not higher ranked, but high profile. He wants to his face out there and wants to get his name on the map.”

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“He’s got a lot of hype behind him right now. I don’t know if that’s because of his fight or because of his WWE pop out at the end.”

“I love him either way. But I think he’d be a great fight for Frank.”

Fans love knockouts and slugfests right? Well, Mir gave them that at UFC Fight Night 71 when he did just that in the first minute of his fight with Duffee.

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Fans want action, not some clinch fest on the fence waiting for a referee to walk up and break them up. According to Mir’s manager, he thinks the Hunt fight will give him a war.

“Something that the fans would love to see,” Lundell said regarding a Hunt bout. “He’s a warrior, true and true.”

“For Frank to be inside there with somebody like a Mark Hunt or a Ben Rothwell right now, man I think those would be some great fights.”

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It should be noted that Mir won’t be fighting anytime soon. Mir stated in past interviews that the older he gets, he has to let his body recover longer in order to be the best fighter possible. He said that the reason he was losing during that losing streak was because he did not let his body recover.

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